How to stay in your writing flow to increase productivity and prevent overwhelm


Do you enjoy writing, but just want to stay in the flow and prevent writing content burnout?

Here’s my (summarized) story about my writing journey, overwhelm, burnout, how I found my flow and 3 tips to find your writing flow to increase productivity. 

Where my Blogging Began

In 2009 I started my first blog out of passion, all about the high end coffee industry, life as a Barista, and how to brew better coffee. I loved it and built up quite the following.

During this time, I also freelanced off and on. I didn’t have a set schedule to post, but looking back, I did write at least once a week and had monthly posts.

Writing Burnout

Thee years ago, I was burnout on that blog and the industry I had written about, and went on hiatus. (It still technically is to this day).

I started my current blog to switch gears as a “change of scenery” in industry and topics to talk about. At first, I documented my freelancing journey, then decided to focus on specific topics.

Blogging was fun again, until I tried turning those topics into a business…

Writing became forced because I was frustrated trying to get the business going and knew I had to not only blog consistently, but also write newsletters and social media content on top of all that! I was overwhelmed and didn’t enjoy blogging once again.

For the Love of Writing

After a couple calls with a Coach, she helped me realize that Coaching wasn’t my ‘thing’ right now and a huge weight was lifted. So, I finally listened to all the signs around me and switch directions, back to freelancing.

Once I decided on my Virtual Assistant niche, it was easy to see who my ideal client was and blogging was fun again! My clients inspired me too.

Now, I’m inspired more often and write more because everything comes so easily -whether it’s a blog post, marketing copy, or sales copy – and I’m not overwhelmed with my editorial calendar and content schedule.

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Here are 3 Tips I use to stay in the writing flow, prevent writer’s block, and prevent overwhelm:

1) When you write your blog posts or marketing content, write in the moment. 

When you have an idea that feels great. Even if you don’t post it right away, you’ll have something to schedule later.

For projects you are working on that needs a lot of focus to get in the flow, make sure you’re already excited about that project and topic. Otherwise, It’ll be easy for potential customer to feel how forced your writing is. They see right through that.

2) When you’re in this flow, do some batch writing.

This allows you to write more, high quality content that doesn’t feel forced and it’ll be easier to schedule your blog posts and content on your calendar.

3) Find a content schedule that works for YOU.

As long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter if you post once a month, or 5 times+ a week. Do what feels good for now and only add more later, when you feel like you can handle it.

Sometimes, we need this reminder. Here is your time and space to give yourself permission to do this. Once I did, the writing has flowed, whether it’s blogging, marketing or sales copy.

How do you stay in the writing flow? Share in the comments.


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Rachel Casey · September 27, 2017 at 12:23 pm

I definitely agree that you need to write as much as you can when you find yourself in the flow. Although, even when I’m not really feeling writing, I still find it useful to write something. Sometimes just getting into the habit starts the flow in the first place 🙂

    Jennifer · September 27, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by.

    I agree. Writing everyday no matter what is a good idea to create and keep that habit. At minimum, I at least journal.


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