1:1 Virtual Organizing Consultation & Coaching

Are you a Solo Business Owner who works from home and wants an inspiring and functional work space?

Let me guess…Your cluttered work space prevents you from being efficient. You’re busy building your Business as a Solopreneur, but know that organization is the key to efficiency, and staying sane. Yet, you keep putting off getting organized. You want to be organized but it feels overwhelming and no idea where to even begin, so you get anxious and avoid this task. 

Whether you work in the corner of a room, at your dining table, in a dedicated home office, or in a rented space, you can have an organized space that’s inspiring and functional. 

  • Need help with home office clutter?
  • Not as organized as you used to be because you’ve been focused on getting clients?
  • Don’t know where to start, or how to stay organized?
  • Are you willing to carve out 30 minutes to 1 hour+ each day?
  • Ready to tackle your office by yourself, with guidance and accountability?

Then my Simplify your Home Office: Virtual Organizing Coaching is for you! I create order and flow in your home office.

As your guide, I’ll show you WHERE to start, HOW to get started, and WHAT to do next, one small step at a time. While you implement.

When my work space is uncluttered I think much better and get so much more done. ~ Stephanie Treasure, Mentor

I would highly recommend Jennifer! I have truly enjoyed working with her and thankful for all of her organizational help! ~ Traci Huffman, Photographer

Imagine…looking forward to coming to your office each morning.

It’s inspiring AND efficient. All your papers, supplies, and books are in their place. When you spin in your chair, you easily reach everything you need, when you need it most. Since your office is tidy, without piles of paper, it’s easy to focus on clients and creating more products and offers to earn more money.
I’ll support you as little or as much as needed.

How it Works

I believe in creating order out of chaos. To do this, I want to make working with me as simple as possible. Initial Consult is included.

1. I’ll make it easy to set up appointments by scheduling and sending you reminders of our calls.

2. You take pictures of your office space to share in advance of our calls with room and furniture measurements. ( 10 minutes)

3. During our first call, walk me through your space virtually. We’ll discuss your goals, strengths, challenges, what’s working or not (30-45 minutes)

4. Then I’ll recommend an action plan tailored for your needs – time-frame, plot your approach, and get you started. (within 24 hours)

5. We’ll work together in our (1 hour) sessions, via Zoom. We’ll reflect on your progress, achievements, and if necessary, troubleshoot any challenges you ran into along the way.

6. In between sessions, you’ll have next steps to implement, my support, and accountability to follow-through. 

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(or ask about monthly payments)

Why Virtual Organizing?

You like to DIY?
Virtual Organizing is a great way to get guidance, advice, and support from an expert who will support you one step at a time, every step of the way, without physically being there.

With experience in small, efficient spaces from working in coffee shops half my life and a background in interior design, I’ll show you how I take the concept of an efficient cafe’, and implement it into your work space for an organized and efficient home office space that increases focus, creativity, and productivity.

“The average American wastes 55 minutes a day ~ roughly 12 weeks a year ~ looking for things they know they own but can’t find.”– National Association of Professional Organizers<script>

The Simplified 3-Step Organizing Process

Get a 1 time Consult, or it’s included within the program.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler, your Home Office Consultant,  Stylist & Strategist. My Mission is to help you carve out time and give you the tools necessary to take that first step toward an organized, efficient office space. I’ll teach you HOW to get there, as your guide on this journey.  

After being in the coffee industry over a decade as a Barista, a Cafe’ Manager/Consultant, and coffee drive-thru Owner, it was important that everything we needed was within reach. Layout of the espresso machine, sink, fridge, etc. because it decreased wait time to serve more customers. Space was limited and we had to make the most of it, especially during the morning rushes.
What does being a Barista have anything to do with this?
I’ve applied the layout concept of a small, efficient coffee shop to my home office and it’s at least doubled my workflow. You’ll be amazed how simply rearranging your office space based on this layout and will increase your creativity and work flow.
 No matter the size of your office space – Home Office, Co-working space, rental office space or a corporate desk – I can help.

Your business, workflow, learning style, and lifestyle are unique. I’ll recommend the best organizational tools and decor ideas to help you simplify your business to gain back time and increased productivity.