When Nothing Seems to Go To Plan In Your Business, Do This | TheSimplifiedOffice.com

Do you ever feel like nothing ever goes to plan? That no matter how much you plan and prepare, something always comes up? Maybe you’re not where you hoped to be in life right now.


Here’s the thing. That’s life. Things happen – tech issues, health issues, learning curves, opportunities, etc.

What to do when nothing goes to plan in your Business


This is why I teach my clients to add flexibility into their schedule.


Stop worrying and trying to control what you can’t control, but instead focus your energy on what you can control – your emotions, you thoughts, awareness, taking actionable steps forward. No matter what. Yes, easier said than done, but awareness makes it easier.


So why plan at all?


Because planning is your base guideline (or road map) on where you want to go to achieve your goals in business and life.  


Time and time again I’ve been going along, working on business goals then BAM. Something amazing happens I can’t pass up, or life happens so things are put on hold temporarily. That’s why I feel like I’m not where I wanted to be right now.


But you know what? That’s ok.


The detour is worth the time when a collaboration, project, or new family member presents itself. When it aligns with my ultimate goals, I make space for it. When my health gets in my way, I allow myself more downtime than usual to take care of myself and refill my cup.


If you can’t even help yourself, how can you help others to your best potential?


This is why flexibility is so important.


It is why I do my best to not focus on what I can’t control (hey, we’re all human). Once I’m aware and differentiate what I can and can’t control, it’s easier to adjust my day, hour, and minutes to what is most important in that moment.


Each of us has our own timing in life. Society has made us think we’re “supposed to” do and be a certain way by a certain age.


So plan your goals. Keep moving forward no matter what happens. Dig into the grit and perseverance, instead of the hustle. Let life happen and focus on what you can control, in this moment.  Life and business is part of the journey to this grand adventure we call life.



How do you handle situations when they don’t go according to plan?