Are you fed up with missing deadlines, wasting time finding things, or not sure where to start?

Imagine gaining back 10+ hours each week to get more done, have a calm space to create in, and more time for family and experience life.

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a great way to get customized guidance, advice, and support from an expert who will support you at each step of the process, without physically being there. I work with you in short, 1-hour sessions over the phone or video chat using services like Facebook video or Zoom. 

> You can work with a professional organizer, even if you’re not local.

> It is easier to work around your schedule because virtual sessions are shorter and can occur after work and on weekends if needed.

> You don’t have to worry about a stranger in your home, being socially distanced, and more privacy.

> Accountability to stay on track.

>You receive a customized plan and tips that work for you, from an experienced professional organizer.

"I would highly recommend Jennifer! I have truly enjoyed working with her and thankful for all of her organizational help!"
Tracey Huffman

Virtual Organizing is for You if...

>You’re not local and extremely motivated to reach your organizing goals.

> Are able to lift and move your own belongings (or have someone to help)            

>You’re comfortable using technology on your phone, tablet, or computer to work together.

> Want to stay socially distanced for safety

>You are busy and don’t have time for long in-person organizing sessions.

How it Works

  1. 1) It starts with a 15-minute Complimentary Consultation to discuss your specific organizing needs. You’ll do a video tour.
  1. During each session, we’ll work together via Facebook video or Zoom. We’ll reflect on your progress, achievements, and if necessary, troubleshoot any challenges you ran into along the way. In between sessions, you’ll have accountability and support to follow-through and ensure your success with this project.
    1. 2) Next, we’ll dive into our sessions by decluttering, one step at a time so you stay motivated during this process.
    1. 3) Put everything in its place so your space is not only functional but inspirational for optimal efficiency in how YOU work best
    1. 4) Maintaining your workspace so it doesn’t go back to the way it was. Regular office maintenance makes it easier to keep up with, to prevent clutter, and prevent overwhelm.

    Organizing Action Plan

    Prevent overwhelm with this 90 Minute Consultation + in-depth action plan

    • In-depth Action Plan in-depth step-by step plan to know where and how to get started, and what to do next.
    • Included in Virtual Organizing Package If you decide after that you would like organizing sessions to implement this plan, the price will be taken off my regular session price.

    Clutter to Calm

    for your Home Office or Homeschool space

    $300/4 sessions
    • The Organizing Action Plan Plus... 
    • Four, 1-hour sessions of customized virtual support to take you step by step through the process- from clutter to organized- as your guide.
    • BONUS Voxer & Google document support between sessions

    Availability is limited

    Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler, your Virtual Organizer, at your service.

    After working together, you’ll gain 10+ hours each week for your family and passions, have the confidence and excitement to maintain and enjoy your office space each day to get more done because you’re more productive and inspired.


    Something I hear all the time is, “you’re so organized!” Here’s the thing…I didn’t use to be that way… I’m not naturally organized. 


    In 2011, I got my first coffee drive-thru. Not only did I have to utilize the small space I had for inventory, but I also had to get super organized so I could focus on operations, admin, marketing, and training employees.


    During this time, I was in an abusive relationship and planning to leave. I ended up decluttering 80% of my stuff. This was my sense of control when I couldn’t control the rest of my situationOn the weekends, I would help my neighbors declutter and organize their home offices and enjoyed it ever since.


    A lot of professional organizers organize entire homes. They also tend to be naturally organized.

    I’m neither.

    I’m not naturally organized and had to learn how on my own, through trial and error. With a background in Architecture, Interior Design, and experience creating functional and inspiring home offices and coffee shops with high efficiency, I specialize in organizing dedicated and multi-purpose office spaces.

    The timeframe depends on multiple factors like your current schedule, how motivated your are, how much clutter your have, etc.

    This is why I begin with a package of 4 sessions for all clients, then we determine the rest on a case by case basis.

    If you would like to also organize your paper and digital files, requires more sessions. 

    Yes, if you are in Catawba County, NC. Due to health issues I am limited in what I can physically do in-person, but I can help some.

    However, I DO offer Virtual Home Office Organizing sessions to make recommendations on where to start, create an action plan, and keep you accountable. I will take you step by step and talk you through the process of decluttering and organizing, via video chat.