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If you are on this page, that means Realtor, Meredith Carswell, of the Carswell Team sent you and you are getting ready to sell your home, recently moved into a new home, or about to do both.


IMG_7165Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler, a professional organizer. I have partnered with Meredith to offer the services below exclusive to her clients only. I appreciate you coming by!

Are you thinking about Staging your home to sell? Have you already made this decision?

Home Staging helps your house listing compete and outshine the other comparable homes on the market and appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers. It is the competitive edge for your house so you sell faster and for more money. It is a psychological and physiological strategy to turn your home into a desirable property to live.

Have you thought about using a Professional Organizer? 

That’s where I come in.



Benefits using an Organizer before moving and Home Staging:

  • The staged home never looks cluttered and has plenty of places where viewers’ eyes can rest and use their imagination to visualize it with their own belongings.
  • A decluttered home is about showing spatial proportion within a room, while making its key selling features stand out.
  • A decluttered home creates a look and a feel within a home that helps buyers see the potential of living there rather than notice its faults or the specific tastes of current owners.
  • Get a head-start on purging items and getting ready to pack. 
  • More professional looking photos of your home

Selling a home is emotional enough. Let me help you with the physical clutter. I’ll help you start and work beside you.

Limited Home Staging

Home Staging is more about de-accessorizing, depersonalizing and neutralizing the space as much as possible. As a Professional Organizer, I will work with what you already have for these areas.

If you are in need of Interior Design, renovation updates to your home, etc before selling, then I recommend hiring a Professional Home Stager to go along with my decluttering and organizing services.

After I’ve done my part, I’d be happy to work with a home-stager as an assistant, to help get things done faster.

Organize your New Home (Locals)

  • Less time unpacking
  • Enjoy your New Home sooner
  • Have your new home set-up and organized exactly the way you want it
  • Easily find everything
  • (Ask me about my monthly organzing option)


In-home Assessment (60 min.) & Planning – $50 flat rate

  • Discussion of your needs & goals
  • In-person tour of your home
  • I’ll create an Action Plan and recommendations for your project

All projects vary and all hours calculated are an ESTIMATE. It may take us more or less time than originally planned once we start digging in. If so, I’ll update your quote. You will only be charged for work done.

**Assessment Fee is waived and will go towards your session cost when you book your first session on the day of assessment.

Hourly Rate: $30 per hour, or you can purchase a package of hours at a reduced rate of 10-hour package – $250 ($25 per hour)

*If it takes less time to declutter and organize, i’ll pro-rate your cost. Things can come up so if it’ll take longer to declutter or organize your home, we’ll stop, re-evaluate, and take new action steps. I’ll only charge for work done.*

Services — No Charge

  • Time Driving To & From Your Residence (if 10 miles or less)
  • Fuel Expenses, Mileage (if 10 miles or less)

How long will it take? Each situation is different, and timeframes will reflect the goals for the individual space. After your assessment, I’ll provide an estimate, but you’ll only be charged for the actual time used.


  • Amount of items
  • How organized or decluttered things are to start with
  • How much space you have available
  • Complexity of the organizing systems
  • Your attention span and speed in decision-making
  • Figuring out an organizing system to maintain your new home

Billing Policy Options

  1. 50% upfront, then remaining balance owed once project is completed
  2. Pay at the end of each day
  3. Monthly Retainer – due at beginning of each month

**Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Square**


If you cancel your project within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, you incur a one-hour cancellation fee at Jennifer’s hourly rate, $30.

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