This is a new series for 2018 where I interview successful women who work from home on how an organized home office space has helped them be more productive in their business. Want to be interviewed for this series this year? Want to nominate someone for me to interview? Contact me today! This month, The Organized Home Office Series: with Sara Wiles!


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Introduce yourself and your business

Hey y’all! I’m an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers starting and scaling businesses. I work with Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, Social Media Managers and Designers to build businesses that work for their lives, not the other way around.

My background is in events and before starting my first business as a Virtual Assistant I spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate + celebrity events. Figuring how to take nothing and make it something

 beautiful is what I love doing and it works perfectly for events AND businesses. 

I’m also the co-founder of The Happy Thoughts Show with my best friend, Lacey Sites. We have a weekly Facebook LIVE show where we talk about the happy and not-so-happy truths about business and life. We also host retreats and online programs. 

Outside of my businesses I’m a mother to a sweet and smart 2.5 year old boy, wife to a very sassy and kind husband and dog mama to two big and furry rescue dogs (+ Sil the fish). When I’m not at the computer or chasing a toddler you’ll find me outside running, at the gym, cooking or watching The Sopranos, The Handmaids Tale or Game of Thrones. 


What is the best part about working from home and/or from the road?

Even before I became an entrepreneur I worked from home. The ability to manage life AND business during the day is so key for me, especially now that I have a little one. The fact that I can do some dishes or make a personal call to my BFF in the middle of the “work” day keeps me from feeling like a crazy person after 5:00 PM.


What is the hardest part about working from home and/or on the road?

Lack of interaction with other adults. I do miss the water cooler chats and camaraderie that comes from working in an office. I’m an ESFJ and really do like being around people.


What was life and business like BEFORE you got your office space organized?

How did you feel? We moved into our home 2 years ago and this office felt so dark and dreary. With two BIG windows we knew we could make it feel light and airy but it took time to get it all done. Working in here felt really uninspired.


What is your life and business like AFTER getting your home office/mobile office space decluttered and organized?

I feel like a real, legitimate business owner now. Every day I walk into my office and feel at home. I keep a candle in here at all times to light, put on music and watch the birds from my window. It feels comfy and cozy and also I’m able to get into the zone when I’m in here.


What was your process to get there?

First we ripped out the carpet and put down wood floors. My husband wanted a space to work as well, so we got 3 white wood filing cabinets and had a huge wood top made to give us both enough space to work. After that it was curtains, light fixtures and bookcases. Then last was decor.

Did you make your office “Pinterest perfect” from the beginning,


 or over time? If so, how did you “upgrade” your decor? This has been a 2 year process for us and it’s still not Pinterest perfect nor will it ever be because life ;).


Describe your home office decor style and how it suits your personality.

Muted with pops of fun and color and this is totally how I show up in real life, too :).

What are your top 3 favorite things about your office space? It’s calming and comfortable in here and always feels good to walk into. It’s also so easy for me to flip the switch to work-mode here, even though it’s just steps from my kitchen and living room. I love how I’ve infused family pictures and items into the space too.


How has an organized home office, and/or mobile office, helped you in your business?

I work better when I’m organized and am more productive. Making my space beautiful and functional makes me love working even more.


What advice would you give to an overwhelmed work-from-home Entrepreneur who wants to start getting organized?

Take it in bite-sized pieces. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s OK if it takes time.


Sara Wiles is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers starting and scaling businesses. She is also the co-founder of The Happy Thoughts Show. She spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate + celebrity events before becoming an entrepreneur. After just 4 weeks of starting her business, she filled her roster, replaced her 9 to 5 income and brought on a team. Sara is also a mother, champagne enthusiast and four-letter word addict.




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