Taking that first step to anything new and different can be scary, but it’s also exciting!

In this post, I’ll discuss the 1st step to start anything new in your Business or Life to prevent overwhelm. Watch the Facebook live replay or read the summary below.

Facebook Live on What to Do When You’re Scared to Start Something New.

Here’s the video summary on the 1st step to start anything new in your Business or Life when you’re scared, to prevent overwhelm as a Coach, Consultant, or Entrepreneur:

Step 1: Start with who you know

Starting with your inner circle of who you know makes it easier to approach someone you already know versus a stranger.¬†You never know who knows who. Whether it’s your family, friends, business network, therapist, advisor, counselor, mentor, Coach etc. If you feel comfortable and it’s allowed, ask within any Facebook groups you’re in.

This is also why building relationships is so important as a Coach, Consultant, or Entrepreneur. Not just for clients, but as resources.

Starting with who you know is the first step to make when you’ve about to do something new. Don’t think of it as asking for help. Instead, think of it as being resource with who you know. You don’t have to go through it alone!

Build a support system of connections and be resourceful. The rest will come much easier than it would on your own. Everyone begins somewhere, with that first action step. Then you build momentum with each action step you take.

The process you go through to reaching your milestones is what matters most. You’ll grow as a person and in your business. #makeithappen

What connections do you need to take those first steps? Share in the comments.

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