1:1 Done With You Session

Are you an overwhelmed Solo Business Owner who works from home and needs balance and flexibility in your life?

You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and wonder if your task list will ever end. You say “yes” too often, but you already have a full plate.  Time tends to get away from you and you want to show up on time, and actually be early, more often.

You want to do more of what’s important to you – family, passions, adventures, etc but no idea how to fit it in with everything else going on.

You have tried being strict about your the time slots on your calendar, but sticking to a rigid schedule make your inner rebellious side come out. This holds you back so you’re busy but not productive. 

One thing we ALL have in common are the same hours in the day. Think about that for a moment…No matter your income, race, or background, we all have the same 24 hours.

How are you utilizing your time?

As a recovering procrastinator myself, creating, or updating, your current calendar and routines is easier than you think! It doesn’t have to include a rigid plan that suffocates your creativity. 

Imagine waking up with a schedule that works best for you and your business. You have control over your own time and can say “No” to things that don’t align with your priorities and goals. 

When “life happens,” you’ve got it covered because you have flexibility in your schedule to move appointments and meetings around when needed. Make sure you prevent burnout because you make time for self care.

Whether you are a Solopreneur with a side hustle or making six figures, I can help you Simply your Schedule for YOUR version of Success.

After working together:

 You’ll have a personalized schedule and routines that work best for you and your family
You’ll find more hours in the day
You’ll know how to best utilize the time you do have
 You’ll be less stressed, have structure, yet flexibility for when “life happens”
You’ll feel excited to take on the day
 You’ll have more time to focus on income-generating projects
You’l have more family time to make memories

This 90 minute done-FOR-you intensive is for you if your want a flexible schedule that works for you instead of against you and aligns with your priorities and goals.


It’s simple. You talk, I type, then take what we discussed and organized it into a a schedule you can start implementing right away.

BONUS: Early Bird Special to my new Time Management Course, coming April 2020! 

“In my intensive with Jennifer, I felt like we accomplished a LOT in a little time. While this was all something I’ve done in the past, I came to a point in my life where I needed the accountability to create some structure back into my life in order to be effective toward making my vision a reality. Though it’s structured, I also know how to adjust so there is flexibility. The main thing is that weekly, I’ll be working on the important things rather than those unimportant things that just fill time.” ~Holly Wade, Holly Wade Wellness

My Schedule for Success Program is a done WITH you Package. This is the perfect solution if you are an action taker who need some direction and accountability, with a schedule that aligns with your priories.


What You Get:

 A 3 hour 1:1 Intensive via Facebook Video or Zoom, with a 10 minute break in the middle
Worksheets to reflect, plan, and track your progress that we’ll work through together during our session
Weekly 10 minute check-ins for the first 21 Days as you implement your new schedule into a habit (via Facebook messenger or Voxer, your choice)

All for $325

Book your Discovery Call today to see if this Program is for you!

Want monthly accountability?

1:1 Monthly Planning & Accountability

Building a business as a Solopreneur is hard. It can be hard to stay motivated and on track with our goals. Sometimes, a loving, blunt guide is that extra push you needed to stay accountable and cheer you on.

That’s where I come in. 

Upgrade your Simplify Your Schedule for Success Intensive to add monthly planning sessions together. Ask about my special rate for this upgrade.

  • 90-minute Accountability & Planning Check-ins once a month to keep you on track with your goals
  • 1 check-in each week via Voxer or Facebook Messenger to cheer you on, make sure you stay on track, and ask questions as you go

Monthly recurring payments of $97