1:1 Coaching Simplified Solo Business Accelerator

As a Solo Business Owner who works from home, are you getting to a point you want to outsource more and ready to streamline your business so you can scale faster and do more of what you love?

Imagine with me for a moment…

Scenario 1 

Ashley wakes up and rushes around the house getting herself together for the day. She didn’t sleep but three hours, again. She feels burnt out and like giving up on her business most days. She enjoys her job, but is exhausted at the end of the day to work on her business so she’s not consistent getting visible for her business.

Ashley knows her ideal clients and have a few, here and there, but not consistent, yet. She’s busy, but still feels stuck and not moving forward. When she does take a few steps forward, something seems to put her a couple steps back so it doesn’t feel like she’s going anywhere. 

She can’t focus or find anything when she needs it so Ashley is starting to drop the ball on her clients because her “office space” is cluttered, unorganized, and everyone is distracting her. 

When Ashley does work on her business,  she doesn’t know what to focus on next. She know she needs to start outsourcing, but no business operations in place nor any idea what tasks to outsource first. 

So she stays stuck and overwhelmed.

Scenario 2

Lisa wakes up at the first sound of her alarm. She had seven hours of restful sleep and ready to start her day. She starts her mourning routine an hour early before the rest of the household wakes up – journal/gratitude, quick exercise, brews coffee, eats breakfast, and looks over her schedule for the day.

Since Lisa has her early “me time,” mornings are less stressful getting out the door. Not just on time, but early to meetings and appointments. 

Lisa learned how to get organized and can manage her time better, so she’s more efficient in her business through being intentional about what she focuses on with her limited time.  She’s excited about the next step for her business, start outsourcing. She’s confident in who she needs to hire and what tasks they will do because her business and business operations manual are in place to make that transition smoother. 

After work, Lisa has her evening routine with her family, rests, and then spends a couple hours before bed working on her business. Tonight, she is outlining her next course and creating a couple worksheets to go with it. 

Before bed, Lisa tidy’s her desk for tomorrow so she can have a fresh start, looks over her plan for tomorrow, and reflects on the day. 

She can’t wait for her appointments with her ideal clients tomorrow.

Are you feeling like Ashley, but ready to be more like Lisa? 

Whether you build your business an hour a day, on the weekends, part-time, or full-time, there is one thing we all know, and it’s that every business needs structure, workflows, organized, and plans in place to run smoothly. Especially when you want a smooth transition into scaling your business by outsourcing

Then my Simplified Solo Business Accelerator is for you!

Everyone’s version of success and lifestyle is unique and so are you. I refuse to let you put yourself in a box. That’s why this 9 month, 1:1 Coaching program is customized to your needs. This means the length of the program depends on how fast or slow you want to go. 

 As a solo business owner, the sooner this is implemented, the easier it’ll be to focus on income generating tasks, to outsource sooner and scale faster. 

I’ll show where and HOW to get started, what to focus on, when, so you are calm, have more focus, easily find everything as needed, and more emotional space for your clients, customers, and family.

I would highly recommend Jennifer! I have truly enjoyed working with her and thankful for all of her organizational help! ~ Traci Huffman, Photographer

  • While working together, you’ll discover…
  • ~How to prevent over-scheduling and spreading yourself thin
  • ~How to prioritize & self-management
  • ~How to make better, faster decisions
  • ~How to say NO to things that don’t align with your goals

After working together, you’ll have:

  •  Goals that align with your priorities, that challenge you without feeling overwhelmed
  •  An ideal schedule that you gain back 7+ hours each week and works for you and your business that’s flexible and allows creativity
  • A simplified, decluttered office space for more mental space and focus
  • Organized physical office space that’s functional AND inspiring
  • Filing & Bill Pay Systems that work for you
  • Organized digital space to easily search for files as needed
  •  A Business Operations Manual ready to use when you outsource and tweak and update as your Business grows.


(Ask about payment options)

I felt like we accomplished a LOT in a little time. While this was all something I’ve done in the past, I came to a point in my life where I needed the accountability to create some structure back into my life in order to be effective toward making my vision a reality. Though it’s structured, I also know how to adjust so there is flexibility. The main thing is that weekly, I’ll be working on the important things rather than those unimportant things that just fill time.” ~Holly Wade, Holly Wade Wellness

Simplified Solo Business 4-Stage Process

1) Prioritize ->

2) Simplify ->

3) Organize ->

4) Action

What’s included:
  • Weekly Coaching calls via Zoom
  • Monthly Goal Setting Sessions
  • Worksheets to keep all your notes together and track your progress
  • 2 Voxer check-ins each week between calls
  • Access to my network of business referrals if you need help in another area of your business
  • Bonus 1:  My Clutter to Calm: DIY Home Office Decluttering Course + FB Community
  • Bonus 2: Any new products or services I launch during our time together, you have instant access to, FREE!
  • Who Am I?

    Hi! I’m Jennifer, your Simplified Solo Business & Home Office Strategist with a background in Business coffee shop efficiency, Priority management, Productivity, Interior Design, and Pro Organizing. Through my unique skill set, I empower solo business owners, who work from home, streamline their business and home office space to outsource and scale faster, with a smooth transition.

    Something I hear all the time is, “you’re so organized!” Here’s the thing…I didn’t used to be that way.

    I used to only use a paper planner, I was unorganized, and I had no idea how to utilize my time properly. It took owning and operating my first business – two coffee drive-thru’s – to get organized, prioritize, and manage my calendar.

    I’ve been obsessed ever since and now help clients do the same in their business.