3-Hour Simplified Ideal Schedule Intensive

Are you an overwhelmed Solo Business Owner who works from home and needs balance and flexibility in your life?

  • Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and wonder if your task list will ever end?
  • Do you say “yes” too often, but you already have a full plate. 
  • Does time tend to get away from you on busy work?
  • Do you want to do more of what’s important to you – family, passions, adventures, etc but no idea how to fit it in with everything else going on?
  • Have tried being strict about your the time slots on your calendar, but sticking to a rigid schedule make your inner rebellious side come out?
  • Do you feel held back because you don’t know where or what to do first?  

One thing we ALL have in common are the same hours in the day. Think about that for a moment…No matter your income, race, or background, we all have the same 24 hours.


How are you utilizing your time?

As a recovering procrastinator myself, creating, or updating, your current calendar and routines is easier than you think! It doesn’t have to include a rigid plan that suffocates your creativity. 

Imagine being excited to wake up with a schedule that works best for you and your business. You have control over your own time and can say “No” to things that don’t align with your priorities and goals. 

When “life happens,” you’ve got it covered because you have flexibility in your schedule to move appointments and meetings around when needed. You are less stressed and can handle situations in solution mode instead of being frantic.

Whether you are a Solo Business Owner with a side hustle or making six figures, I can help you Simply your Schedule for YOUR version of Success with my done-WITH-you Ideal Schedule Intensive.

“During our session it wasn’t so much that I gained insight into something new but rather that Jennifer helped me see that I’ve been on the right path all along and was just doubting myself. The best part was that she makes it feel so easy to open up and be really honest (with myself) about how I feel and what I want. She helped me uncover what I already know in my heart and gave me confidence to move forward with it.” ~ Anita Thomas, Health Coach & Reflexology Expert

Sound good?

In this 3-hour done-WITH-you 1:1 Coaching Intensive, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to take back control of your calendar and say “yes” to opportunities that align with your goals.

My Simplified Ideal Schedule Intensive is the perfect solution if you are an action taker who needs some direction and accountability, with a schedule that aligns with your priories.

“In my intensive with Jennifer, I felt like we accomplished a LOT in a little time. While this was all something I’ve done in the past, I came to a point in my life where I needed the accountability to create some structure back into my life in order to be effective toward making my vision a reality. Though it’s structured, I also know how to adjust so there is flexibility. The main thing is that weekly, I’ll be working on the important things rather than those unimportant things that just fill time.” ~Holly Wade, Holly Wade Wellness

After working together:

You’ll have a done-FOR-you personalized schedule and routines that work best for you and your family
Gain back 7+ hours each week to focus on income-generating projects to make more money
You’ll know how to best utilize the time you do have
 You’ll be less stressed, have structure, yet flexibility for when “life happens”
You’ll feel excited to take on the day


(Ask about payment option)

Who it’s for:

You want a flexible schedule to increase creativity and move activities around when life happens

💃You want to prevent burnout as a one-woman business owner

🔶You are ready to take everything you’ve learned from info overload and finally IMPLEMENT it, consistently

🎯You’re a committed action taker, ready to make 2020 your best year yet!

✅You have some steady clients and ready to build more momentum in your solo business.



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What You Get:

A 3-hour Intensive via Facebook Video or Zoom
Worksheets to reflect, plan, and track your progress that we’ll work through together during our session
Weekly 10 minute check-ins for the first 21 Days as you implement your new schedule into a habit (via Facebook messenger or Voxer, your choice)

Meet your Coach

Hi! I’m Jennifer, your Time Management Strategist with a background in Business coffee shop efficiency, Priority management, Productivity, Interior Design, and Pro Organizing. Through my unique skill set, I empower solo business owners, who work from home, streamline their business and home office space to outsource and scale faster, with a smooth transition.

Something I hear all the time is, “you’re so organized!” Here’s the thing…I didn’t used to be that way.

I used to only use a paper planner. It was hard to focus, easily got overwhelmed, and tasks fell through the cracks. 

Then, I owned and operated a couple coffee drive-thrus. I knew structure was the only way I could get more done and and keep my sanity. That’s when I started learning about time management and productivity. 

Once I put a flexible schedule in place that aligned with my values and goals, it’s been easier to manage my business, leave an abusive relationship, and achieve my goals so far.

Between going back to college, work, managing my chronic illness, and building this business on the side, it’s even more critical to get a lot done in a short time and be able flexible for when my body won’t cooperate. 

 This has taught me to manage my time and energy. With a schedule that changes every semester, I’ve gotten good at adapting to my situations as needed.

Now, I help clients create their own ideal schedule that aligns with their values and priorities, to put boundaries in place and know what to yes or no to. This helps them know what to focus on and what tasks to do next.