Organized home office series: with Kierra Jones

This is a new series for 2018 where I interview successful women who work from home on how an organized home office space has helped them be more productive in their business. Want to be interviewed for this series this year? Want to nominate someone for me to interview? Contact me today!


Introduce yourself and your business

Kierra: Hi everyone! I’m Kierra Jones, a.k.a. The Shine Strategist™. I’m an International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Coach to powerhouse upleveling women.

As CEO of Kierra Jones International, we provide private coaching programs, masterminds, & trainings, I help female coaches, consultants, & service based business owners all over the world boldly & strategically shine in their expertise & monetize it online so they can authenticity uplevel their business impact & income.

In less than 12 months, I’ve grew my international coaching practice & brand from $0 to $5k months in 2 months of which I kept consistent before scaling to $20k months in 12 weeks while traveling!

I’m obsessed with helping powerhouse women finally stop giving their expertise away for pennies & soulfully step into their six figure shine!

What is the best part about working from home and/or from the road?

Kierra: The best part about working from home is the flexibility!

I come from a corporate background! I remember having to “ask” my manager for time off. Then having to decide what trips I was going to go on because I could only fit so many in 3 weeks of paid vacation.

So having the flexibility to travel when I want & for how long I want is so freeing to me.

I also live 4 hours from most of my family & 9 hours from my nieces! Being able to spend more time with them instead of feeling rushed to get back to something is the best!

What is the hardest part about working from home and/or on the road?

Kierra: The hardest part about working from home is when I work from the road.

Let me explain. I’ve created an office that I love. It inspires me, it makes me feel powerful, & it’s my high vibe space. So because I love to travel, I find myself sometimes not being as productive in other spaces.

Also I love doing video so if you were to look inside my suitcase when I’m traveling you’ll not only see my swim suit & cute dresses, but you’ll probably see a tripod, a small light, & a mic haha.

One thing that has helped us finally cute coffee or tea shops or even researching a co-working space before you travel.

What was life and business like BEFORE you got your office space organized? How did you feel?

Kierra: I worked from home in my corporate job for 6 years before my business so I knew how it was to work from home. But I NEVER decorated my office. I never bought in candles or my diffuser. I never made it feel like a place I wanted to actually be in.

So in my old house my office for job was organized, but clutter. There was always something I was looking for. It was really small, although I made the space work, but it made me feel so drained. And that energy doesn’t work when you’re trying to work!

What is your life and business like AFTER getting your home office/mobile office space decluttered and organized?

Kierra: Now that I’ve infused me into my office, it’s a space I can express pieces of me, I can be inspired, ideas can flow, & my productivity can be influenced!

I have candles, my diffuser, my salt lamp, & a waterfall (I love the sound of water).

Most importantly, it’s my Shine Space so when I coach my clients my energy is ready to pour into them & serve them like never before!

What was your process to get there?

Kierra: My process to create a space I could be productive in & loved was first looking at the space itself & envisioning what I could do with it. Pinterest was a resource early on but then I just got creative.

I was also inspired when I looked at other people’s videos of how they had their offices  & backgrounds set up.

Then I started gathering the pieces I wanted to include that meant something to me. I’m pretty obsessed with gold & red so that had to be there.

Then I just started putting this up, adjusting things, etc. until it felt good to me. And I’m always adding something small.

Your process should be whatever feels amazing to you & expresses who you are. Shine girl!

Did you make your office “Pinterest perfect” from the beginning, or over time? If so, how did you “upgrade” your decor?

Kierra: My office before used to look a hot mess especially when I worked for my corporate job! It was in a huge walk in closet. Then, I wanted sunlight so moved it into our living room next to the patio but that didn’t work when company came over especially because of the intimacy of my client calls. So I took out the exercise equipment (that was never used) from the second bedroom, and turned it in my office! It was amazing!

When I moved from that home, the first thing I did after setting my bed up was my office!

So yes I believe it’s Pinterest ready. But it’s definitely happened over time. I see little pieces at a store I’m in & say oh I can see that in my office so I buy it little by little!

Describe your home office decor style and how it suits your personality.

Kierra: My home office style is the perfect compliment to my personal style & personality.

It’s chic, glamours, feminine & still timeless/classy with a touch of sass!

It full of gold & red which are powerful colors for me!

It’s calling & my little sanctuary.

What are your top 3 favorite things about your office space?

1. My waterfall
2. It’s camera ready
3. It’s more open then I’ve had in the past

How has an organized home office, and/or mobile office, helped you in your business?

Kierra: Having an organized office has helped me save time! I don’t need to spend countless hours trying to find something, especially when I’m heading into a client session or virtual training!

But most importantly, I cannot stress this enough. It keeps me calms! Your energy & vibes when you are a business owner are in my opinion life & death.

I’ve experienced what it’s like to have a space you don’t love. Even if the lighting is off you can feel it.

Having an organized & calming space has allowed me to show up differently for my community & my clients & they can sense that energy.

What advice would you give to an overwhelmed work-from-home Entrepreneur who wants to start getting organized?

Kierra: No matter the size, make it your own. Let people see your personality shine through. Video marketing is SOOO important for business owners now and in the future. I love helping my clients build that video confidence. I’ve done over 500 myself! However, the #3 question I get (#1 & #2 how can I confident & what do I say), what about my background & office.

So take the time to be creative & design a space you love or hire someone to do it. Having a space that will constantly allow you to show up as your best self & serve your clients while being more productive & efficient & inspired us price less.

Also don’t feel like you can’t start building your space now, little by little. It took me moving my office around 4 times to get it the way I really liked it. That’s a timeframe of 3 years! Over that time I gathered things I loved.


About Kierra Jones
Kierra Jones, a.k.a. The Shine Strategist™ is an International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Coach.

Through her private coaching programs & trainings, Kierra helps female coaches, consultants, & service based business owners boldly & strategically shine in their expertise & monetize it online so they can authenticity uplevel their business impact & income.

Kierra grew her international coaching practice, Kierra Jones International from $0 to $5k months in 2 months then took less than a year to bring her practice to $20k months!

Prior to her current endeavors, Kierra worked in corporate sales & consulting for a Fortune 500 company managing multiple five to seven figure accounts. She also owned an online accessory style brand featured in over 70 pop-up shops, shipping hundreds of orders nationwide where her love for the online business world was born.

When Kierra isn’t helping women monetize their shine & finally stop giving their expertise away for pennies, she is spending time with her family, jamming to 90s music, & traveling the world one strawberry mango margarita at a time.

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Want to be interviewed for this series this year? Want to nominate someone for me to interview? Contact me today!