With all the excitement of house buying and a steady career, there is a new strange feeling. I’ve never considered myself particular in keeping my home neat and tidy. It’s always been more “organized clutter” because the space is too small. But the chaos of clutter wasn’t organized at all. It was a struggle with myself to accept I had to “grow up”.

How long would this struggle go on?

When I moved away from home, my parents made me take everything of mine with me. Since there was so much stuff and clearly didn’t need more, I refused to buy more stuff  to decorate. The last couple times I moved, it was easier to purge stuff just so I didn’t have to move it yet again.

Then something interesting happened.

We bought our first house and my “nesting” instinct immediately kicked in. No I’m not pregnant.

It’s as if that the house officially made me an adult at twenty eight. Along with an overdue addiction of organization. I’ve even created three binders and want to cook (that’s another few posts for another day). What is going on? Is this what being a responsible adult feels like?…and I’m OK with it.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my adventures in “nesting.”

There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home. ~Kenny Guinn

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Share your story. When did your “nesting” instinct kick in?  Does this happen to guys at all or something similar?

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