SMM_quick_easySocial Media is one of the best free options to market your business. It can be overwhelming and time consuming, but shouldn’t be. Here are 7 Tips I use to stay organized and focused with quick and easy Social Media Marketing


Being on social media may feel like you’re busy, but that doesn’t mean you’re productive. It can turn into a time suck if you’re not careful. That is wasted time you can be working on a paid project we’re talking about! Use an editorial calendar to plan out what theme and content to talk about. Then, Work on your social media marketing each day for only 25 minutes.

Editorial Calendar

Focus on one month at a time and plan what you’ll post, when you’ll post it, and where you’ll send it. This will keep you focused and  not worried about what will come next. Next month, You’ll focus on that plan only.


Just because you have more space to write on other platforms than Twitter has, use its concept to create all content short and to the point. No need to write more than you have to as long you explain yourself well.

Also, don’t feel you have to post articles too often. If you’re getting burned out because you try to keep up writing too often, then cut back. Whether it’s a minimum of once a week or once a month, quality is always better than quantity, but keep it consistent for what works for you.


Once your readers and potential clients are anticipating your content, they are more likely to share the posts and engage with you. If posting content seven days a week during that 25 minutes is daunting, do five days instead.

One main point

Make sure you stay on track on your blog and social media with weekly theme days, monthly blog topic focus and seasonal topics. Can your article be turned into multiple posts or a series for more content? Find pictures, quotes, other articles, etc that are in line with your main point to share.

Master one at a time

Yes, there are a wide variety of platforms to use, but this doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Start with one social platform. Get the hang of it and once it’s easy to do, add another platform.


Once a month, check your social media stats for each platform for which type of content, and when, is getting most engagement. From there, adjust the type of posts for better response. One stat specifically to look at are which social media platforms your traffic is coming from. Focus on what does best, it may be only two or three platforms to concentrate on.


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