As much as I adore Evernote to organize my thoughts and for clipping great articles and photos, I still really wanted to use Springpad because I prefer it’s “Thumbnail view” for easier scanning. And you can never have too many backups, right?

I wasn’t about to go through all 200 plus notes and “spring” each one. There had to be a way to import all my notes, but how?

After a quick Google search, I found the Evernote to Springpad Converter.

It’s really easy.

1) Login to Evernote, right-click on the main Notebook to “export notes…” This will include all it’s sub-notebooks you want to copy too.

2) Save your file in your preferred format. (I used .enex)

3) Export each notebook individually. 1 MB is the max file size you can upload at a time.

Now, Go to the Converter site and follow the four steps to import.
1) Login to Springpad

2) Name your new Notebook

3) Find and choose the file you just saved

4) Upload

Depending how large the file is, it can take a couple of minutes to import. Not only will you have all your notes, you’ll also have all their tags.

Repeat for each Notebook file.

Login to Springpad and refresh a couple times, until your new notebooks show up.

That’s it!


***UPDATE*** As of June 25th, 2014 Springpad is gone. Here is the link to the explanation and how to backup your notebooks from Springpad into Evernote.

Do you know of any other programs to cross export/import your research with? Share them in the comments.

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