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Do you have Consistency from your self-image?

For example, when you’re not consistent with posting valuable content, why is that? How do you see yourself that’s preventing you from not consistently staying visible?

This is something I recently had an “ah-ha” moment about.

“We all act consistent with who we believe we are” ~ Dan Lok

When I first heard this quote recently, it triggered me. I subconsciously gasped out loud. My body shrunk into itself, my forehead lines narrowed, and I held my breath.

It took a couple hours to process the quote. I tried to move on to something else, but couldn’t shake that phrase rattling around in my head.

Then it clicked.

I realized that I haven’t been consistent in being visible because of how I saw myself. The self-sabotage talk that was occurring daily. Not feeling like I was ready, or could handle a fully booked schedule while working part time, going to school part time, and still have weekends off.

I was so overwhelmed in the HOW, that my anxiety paralyzed me. I had also gained weight and not happy with how I looked. And that maybe, I hadn’t changed as much as I thought as a business owner and person.

I wasn’t happy with who I was in that moment, despite all the accomplishments. How far I’ve come didn’t matter because I didn’t see myself as the Entrepreneur I wanted to become, even at this phase of my business. Money mindset affirmations weren’t enough. There had to be something else. It was time for something different.

Once I was aware of the why, it became easier to move into solution mode.

Although I’m not  happy with what I look like, I had to accept myself for who I am and what I’ve become, at this point in life. Reflect and remind myself how far I’ve come. Accept and love myself even more to reach the next level to grow my business. It was time to get creative and stop listening to too many “gurus.” Then I hired a VA to handle my social media posts and editing so I can focus on creation and engagement during my business hours and still have time for everything else.

Having discipline isn’t about willpower, it comes from your self image of who you think and feel you are. For example, you run because you’re a runner. Not because you have to exercise. OR you smoke because you’re a smoker…Make sense?

Based on that example, if you consider yourself a Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner, do you have consistency in being visible and promoting in your business? It’s who you are, therefore, you’re consistent.


Who do you have to be, to create the success and results you want? Share in the comments.


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