School is back in session. Your business hours may have been all over the place during summer festivities and getting back into the school routine can take a few days.


Now that you have had some time to get settled into your child’s routine, it’s time to find your stride in your business schedule.


You have enough to worry about so I’ll explain how to create a new routine that will maximize your work focus time and include more personal and family time.



Before you create a business routine for back to school, think about your values and priorities as you create your new routine to make sure your family and personal time are included.


  1. Write down personal time, including activities
  2. Write down family time, including activities
  3. Write down the school schedule, including after school activities
  4. Prioritize Business tasks based on time needed and noise level you can handle – client projects, social media, emails, marketing, etc
  5. Choose a Date night (at least bi-monthly)


Wake up earlier

Want to have more hours in the day? Start waking up earlier.


If you’re not a morning person, it’ll get easier once you consistently wake up when you have something to look forward to. The morning is a great time to have quiet personal time before everyone else is awake.


I personally use this time to exercise, do my coffee routine – grind the beans, boil the water and manual pour over brewing, and read some inspiring articles of Entrepreneurs I admire.


Whether you use this time for exercise, meditation, do a hobby, etc it’s very important to take care of you. You’re an amazing woman who runs a business, of course you deserve time to pamper yourself.


Business tasks during school hours

Write down when your kids are in school and include travel time – traveling there and carpool/pickup.


While they are at school, this is the best time for working on business projects that take the most time and laser focus. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a few hours when no one else is around. Some ideas:


  • Photo editing
  • Edit/proofread copy
  • Client meetings
  • Marketing
  • Lead generating
  • Blogging
  • Work on your E-course
  • Work on your E-book


During carpool, this is a great time to check and respond to a couple emails, engage on social media or use this time to relax, read or knit/crochet.


Business tasks when children are home

When your children are home, save tasks that don’t require as much thinking power with distractions around. Some ideas:

  • Engage on social media
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Check and respond to quick emails


Have a set end time to your work day

Since your business probably doesn’t feel like working most the time, which leads to burning out faster.


Having a set time to end your day – 4pm or 5 pm – not only helps prevent burnout, but it gives you more time for personal hobbies, family time, school activities and that day trip you’ve been holding off on.


Gain family time back by helping with homework while cooking dinner, enjoying dinner time together, family game nights/movie nights and general bonding as a family.


Don’t forget Date Night

Date night is still important, no matter the amount of time you’ve been with your partner. It’s great to enjoy each other and reconnect, away from work and the kids.


Scheduling a date night at least once a month, bi-weekly or weekly, gives you time to save up for a babysitter if needed, and you both have at least one night to look forward to together.


I hope this gives you more structure for this chaotic time of year.


Did you try this? Please share how your life has changed in the comments below.


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megan beaver · August 28, 2017 at 5:14 pm

This is perfect timing I was looking for tips like this right now. There are some great tips.

    Jennifer · August 29, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Thanks! Glad it helps.

Jessica Peresta · September 7, 2017 at 12:35 pm

These are great tips! Back to school seems crazier than the summer was. Waking up earlier is something I really need to start doing so I can get some stuff done before waking up my boys.

    Jennifer · September 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    HI Jessica! Thanks for stopping by. Glad the tips are helpful.

    As far as waking up earlier, it’s a matter of going to bed early too. Even if you just sit and read to fall asleep. Then, wake up early no matter what. It shouldn’t take your body long to readjust your sleep times.

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