What do you think of when you hear the the word “philanthropy” or “pay it forward”?

I’m a huge fan of making someone’s day better and was brought up to help others in need and to love everyone. It makes sense, to me, to do  this on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why I can’t wrap my head around the fact that a reminder to be kind to others is even needed. Has being kind and Philanthropy become a trend because of this?

Why does it seem to take a huge disaster for many people to come together? I know this isn’t always the case. But it’s certainly the one you hear about the most. Have we become a society that is too caught up in ourselves and technology to take the time? Has showing kindness become a trend?

There are stories and videos about everyday good Samaritans. Since when does it take something like that to “inspire” others to do the same? I must be naive to think there is good in everyone and people do nice things because it’s the right thing to do- not to make yourself look good or as a reminder to do the same.


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