This year, I’m making sure to be organized. It’s always made me overwhelmed, so I’ll be focusing on one area at a time. Starting with the office.

I don’t have a room dedicated to office space. Instead, I use the dining table since it’s near the most windows for natural light and the dining table has tons of room to spread all my stuff out. It’s also beside the kitchen so I can do coffee experiments and get more done if I’m cooking, and it feels the most like a coffee shop atmosphere (it will more so after I decorate the kitchen).

Today’s goal is to declutter the desk by throwing out what isn’t needed, filing papers by topic and importance into folders and put books back on the shelf – by author and book size.


As a reward for doing this, I went to Target for new office items.

*Rewarding yourself for achieving anything, no matter how small or large, is a great motivator and easier to stay on task because there is something to look forward to.*

To make sure I will use planners and lists better this year, I got items in colors that make me happy.

  • Pocket Calender – it’s cute and sometimes Google calender isn’t enough
  • Weekly Menu/Shopping List – because I need to learn to cook
  • Dry Erase Board with magnets – for daily quote and notes
  • “Week of:” notepad – to stick to my dry erase board
  • Small clipboard – to keep daily receipts then log them each evening.
  • Cute, mouse pad with a quote – very “cutsey” but love the colors and quote
  • Coffee cuff that matches mouse pad with quote – it’s a coffee item, love the quote but not the typical colors I go for.

Found a binder in one of my tote bags that was still in great condition that had dividers and a folder in it, so I cleaned it out to use instead of buying new.

I made a hard copy of lists and task sheets for the notebook and an online-version notebook to I have my information in both places. So if I update one or the other, I’ll just make note on my phone to update the other when I get a moment.

I also write my daily tasks on the dry-erase board on my desk to help keep me focused and my brain calmer.

Here’s to an organized office to get more accomplished this year! [_]D
Do you have a special system to keep your office and planner organized to stay productive? Share in the comments below.