FREE 5-Day Challenge_ Find your Writing Flow


Write your own content and/or blog, but you’re not consistent and tend to have writer’s block?

You know the importance of creating consistent, valuable content for your readers and audience that makes you visible, but thinking about it makes you anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. You’re not sure where to start, or you just need someone to guide you and keep you accountable.

Enough is enough!

You’re ready to take action to increase your writing productivity and find your writing flow.

That’s where this challenge comes in!

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Who This Challenge Is For

This Challenge is for Bloggers and Service-based Solo Business Owners who enjoy writing for their blog, social media content, marketing copy, and sales copy, but need better planning and find the time and stay in the writing flow to create more, high-quality content for your audience and clients.

Goals of the Challenge

  • Find your writing flow
  • Don’t worry about being perfect. Write DRAFTS only
  • Create high-quality writing.
  • Write any combination of copy, blog posts and/or social media content.

Update: Use this series for WEEKLY or MONTHLY content.


What We’ll Cover

  • Day 1 – Choose Your Topic – Breakthrough Writer’s Block & Get Inspired. Begin Writing.
  • Day 2 – Create a strategy – Plan and create time in your schedule to increase writing productivity. Continue writing your draft.
  • Day 3 – Writing Practices and continue writing your drafts.
  • Day 4– Idea & Research Tracking. Continue writing drafts. 
  • Day 5 – Finish Drafts, group Q&A, and get feedback. 

What’s Included

✔️Daily emails with tips to find your writing flow

✔️ Get the most out of this challenge in the Private Community of other bloggers and business owners going through the same process. Also, worksheets & exclusive video training’s!

✔️Get Accountability to stay on track, within the group.

✔️Ask questions and get feedback on your writing from the community and myself.

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