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“Clutter to Calm: DIY Home Office Decluttering Course”

Do you dread working in your home office because the clutter is overwhelming, you don’t know where that important paper is when you need it, and not sure where to put everything?

Physical clutter takes up emotional anxiety, so when you get rid of things, it also gives you emotional head-space to focus and more confidence.

In 2015, I started my simplifying journey.

I was in an abusive relationship and trying to leave.

All the clutter I had accumulated over my life made it difficult to focus, be productive, and move out easily. AS it worked out, he demanded I purge my stuff, so while I was purging, I also packed.

Once I purged 80% of my stuff, it was like a huge weight was taken off me. This allowed me the emotional space I needed for the confidence from tackling such a huge task, to finally leave. Decluttering my stuff, not just my office, gave me some control in my life when that situation was chaotic.

This is a drastic example, but you get my point. Clutter = anxiety and can really affect you emotionally each day.

Create new space -emotional and physical – for all the amazing opportunities to come into your business.

Starting with your office space is the easiest to begin decluttering your home because it’s the main area you work in and the least amount of emotional items in it.

What if…

Imagine waking up each morning, excited to sit down to work in your home office space because it’s not only clean, decorated, and organized, but you can find what you need when you need it.

You’re focused on the task and hand and know what to do next. This means you get more income-generating tasks done and earning more money.


As someone who isn’t naturally organized, this CAN happen for you. All you need is some guidance.


As a service-based Solopreneur, Virtual Assistant, Blogger, or Small Business Owner, you’re used to DIYing everything, but sometimes you need that extra accountability, support, and direction, without the full cost of a Coach.

That’s why I’ve created this DIY + mini Coaching Combo course for you to have the best of both worlds.

Ready to go from clutter to calm in your office, but not sure where or how to start?

It’s ok!

Clutter to Calm: DIY Home Office Decluttering Course

This self-paced (DIY) beginner course takes you step-by-step through the process of decluttering your office space, one step at a time.

Whether that’s a room with a door, a desk in your bedroom, the kitchen table, a co-working space, or a mobile office.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll have the mental and physical space to be creative, motivated, and less stressed. You’ll also be ready to set up storage & filing systems to organize your office. You’ll also be able to take these strategies and apply them to the rest of your house if needed.

6 Type of Home Office Clutter Preventing Your Productivity. Click Here.

Depending on how much time and clutter you have, you can complete this course anywhere between 1 weekend to 4 weeks. By dedicating 45 minutes – 1 hr each day.

**Includes** Access to a private Facebook Community of others going through this same process. We cheer each other on, have accountability buddies, share progress photos, and access to me for questions.

  • Intro
  • Phase 1: Before you begin
  • Phase 2: Where & How to Start Decluttering
  • Phase 3: Paper Clutter
  • Phase 4: Mobile Office Clutter
  • Phase 5: Take Inventory
  • Phase 6: Digital Clutter
  • What’s Next?
  • Coaching is broken up into 3 parts:
    • Getting Started: 15 min to give you a jump start
    • During. 30 min to get unstuck
    • In the end. 15 min for the next steps

*BONUS: Calendar to accomplish this course within 1 month*

Ready to get started? Grab your Clutter to Calm: DIY Home Office Decluttering Course by clicking the button below! 


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