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How are you different from other Organizers?

A lot of professional organizers organize entire homes. They also tend to be naturally organized.

I’m neither.

I’m not naturally organized and had to learn how on my own. With a background in Architecture, Interior Design, and experience creating functional and inspiring home offices and coffee shops with high efficiency, I specialize in organizing small and multi-purpose office spaces.

Most Organizers help you in person. Due to health issues and distance, I’m unable to physically help you declutter and organize. Instead, I Virtually Consult or Coach you through the process, step by step, of getting organized.

Because of this, I only recommend this service to those who are highly self-motivated and willing to put in the work.


What is your “coffee shop concept?”

Click here to watch a video about it.


Will you come to my home office to help me organize it?

Due to health issues and a pandemic, I am not taking in-person office organizing clients anymore. However, I DO offer Virtual Home Office Organizing Sessions to make recommendations on where to start, create an action plan, and keep you accountable. I will take you step by step and Coach you through the process of decluttering and organizing, via video chat as an alternative.

I prefer to DIY my home office 

Perfect! Love that you’re self-motivated. Here’s a link to my DIY decluttering course. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to put everything in place and set up systems.


Will I find my photos on your website or marketing? 

Pictures or testimonials will never be used without your permission.

Although we take before, during, and after photos to see the progress,  I always ask your permission to use any photos and any testimonial you may write on my website and in my advertising.