I’m truly humbled by praise from my amazing clients. They  are the reason I do what I do. Here is what some of them have to say…

Emily Swanda of EMprovedLife.com

“Jennifer is such a pleasure to work with. She is prompt, organized and very efficient. Communicating with her during my projects is such a breeze and she is so easy to talk to. Her ambition, knowledge and drive are wonderful traits that are hard to find in a VA. I hired her to take some stress off my shoulders and I am loving the reduced stress in my life/business. If you are considering hiring someone to help you in your business so you can get back to what you enjoy, then you should definitely speak with Jennifer!”

Holly Wade – Wellness Coach

Jennifer helped me gain clarity on creating systems that streamline my processes from intake to follow up with clients. She’s supportive and asks the questions you need to help you get to the answers you need. As a result, my productivity increased because I’m not re-doing things or doing the same thing in multiple places. I’ve gained more open space on my calendar so I can serve more clients.

Doug Frye – Wealth Strategist at Spinnaker Financial 

Jennifer is an extremely creative thinker and brought many great ideas on the projects she worked on for us... I know Jennifer could bring value and efficiency to your organization.

Jaime Marie Morehouse – Baker at Cakes to Envy

I have some beautiful friends. Thank you Jennifer for bringing me some awesome tools to keep my personal planner/ calendar in check.

Traci Huffman – Photographer

I would highly recommend Jennifer! I have truly enjoyed working with her and thankful for all of her organizational help!

Bridgett Tulloh – thetruthaboutliving.com

Jennifer’s designs are spot on. Highly professional and easy to use. She has attention to detail and a quick turn-around time. She’s my go-to person for custom template design.

Tiana Harmon – Happy Momma

I absolutely recommend a planner made by Jennifer. I’ve had mine for a month now and I love it. I went from using 3 different Calender’s ( for bills,appointments, work ,etc) to just now 1. It holds all I would ever need. I love it! I’m one happy momma! Thanks again Jennifer. ~Tiana Harmon


James Wong – Speaker, Marketing Communications Professional, Nonprofit Advocate and Social Entrepreneur

Jennifer is a passionate entrepreneur. She puts her energy and enthusiasm into the various multidisciplinary projects she pursues. As an entrepreneur, Jennifer strives to provide the best customer experience possible — accepting no compromises. As a volunteer and community advocate, she spends much of her free time working with various civic organizations.


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