How To Create a New Business Schedule for Back To School


School is back in session. Your business hours may have been all over the place during summer festivities and getting back into the school routine can take a few days.


Now that you have had some time to get settled into your child’s routine, it’s time to find your stride in your business schedule.


You have enough to worry about so I’ll explain how to create a new routine that will maximize your work focus time and include more personal and family time.



My Favorite Online Tools for Solo Coaches & Consultants

My Favorite Online Tools for Business

Don’t get me wrong, I love my tech tools. With so many options out there, it can get pretty overwhelming.

I love testing different online apps, websites, social media sites, etc. to figure out how to create an efficient business as possible. The ones that work the best, I continue to use. The tools I don’t use anymore, I make sure to delete them so as not to clutter my computer or phone.

**Disclaimer** Affiliate links included. I only promote what I recommend and use. If you happen to buy anything through my personal link, I will get a small commission, no extra cost to you.

Here is a list of my favorite online tools to run my solo Coaching & Consulting business. (more…)

How To Love Monday’s

HOw to L

I happen to be a morning person. You may not be, and that’s okay. I’m one of these “annoying Monday people” that are chirpy and excited to get the week started. It may also be because I was a Barista most of my life.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, there is no reason to hate Monday’s.

Consciously making an effort to start the week¬† off on in a more positive mindset makes the rest of the week better. Here’s how you can look forward to Monday. (more…)