My Top Productivity Tools for Solo Business Owners

I get a lot of questions about the latest tools I’m using to run my business as an online small business and what I would recommend to run their business. Most of these tools are free or I’ve upgraded to their cheapest paid version.


Not only do I love to test new and different online and offline tools, supplies and programs, but I want to share them with you as a resource. The following are tools I am currently using or have used when starting my business. I only recommend tools that I think would help you simplify your business, while juggling everything.



My Favorite Online Tools for Solo Coaches & Consultants

My Favorite Online Tools for Business

Don’t get me wrong, I love my tech tools. With so many options out there, it can get pretty overwhelming.

I love testing different online apps, websites, social media sites, etc. to figure out how to create an efficient business as possible. The ones that work the best, I continue to use. The tools I don’t use anymore, I make sure to delete them so as not to clutter my computer or phone.

**Disclaimer** Affiliate links included. I only promote what I recommend and use. If you happen to buy anything through my personal link, I will get a small commission, no extra cost to you.

Here is a list of my favorite online tools to run my solo Coaching & Consulting business. (more…)

Transpire Life Guidelines

TL_guidelinesAs we get older, we become wiser and may wish to go back to tell our younger self what we’ve learned.  But, we must remember those past experiences have shaped us into what we are today.

Instead of going back, take what you’ve learned up to this point as guidelines for your new life and business journey.

When I finally realized that my priorities had completely changed, I made a list of things I’ve learned along the way as guidelines to my new life.

I don’t know about you, but it has really helped to have these reminders.

Here are my Top 10 Guidelines to Transpire Life (more…)