How I got Here

Jen-pic-BW-200x300Having grown up in the design and architecture world as the daughter of a freelance furniture designer, it was only natural that I’d pursue Architecture and Interior design classes in High School. Although not a career, office design and organization have remained a hobby. Even now I enjoy rearranging and redecorating my office on a regular basis. 

While design and organization is in my blood, I was pretty sure early on I wanted to be a writer even though my parents thought otherwise.

I wasn’t sure at first what direction to go in, until I discovered copywriting and absorbed everything I could about marketing, running a business and productivity.  So I dabbled in different types of copywriting for customers while I was a Barista at my local indy coffee shop.

As a Barista, I soon learned how amazing high quality coffee can be. I loved being the first person people came in contact with each morning to help start their day. The coffee bug hit me and I decided parlay my writing skills into a coffee blog, making coffee knowledge accessible and approachable to both the average joe and the coffee pro and everyone in between.

As much as I loved writing,coffee moved into the forefront. I became a Cafe’ Manager/Consultant, helping a start-up find the right supplies, top quality coffee beans, and proper training while putting my marketing knowledge to use.

As with climbing a mountain, there were struggles along the way. From my youth, up until my early days as a Cafe Manager/Consultant, I had allowed stress and insomnia to affect my health. Determined to make this new job opportunity manageable, I knew getting focused was needed to turn my life around.

From high school, up until this point, I had become sick from stress and insomnia from an unorganized/analytical mind. I knew getting focused was needed to turn my life around and make this new job opportunity manageable.

As a Consultant, I figured out systems and processes to make my own job easier and more efficient. This gave me the experience I needed to start a coffee drive-thru of my own.

Since I knew the coffee industry well, I knew going in what I was getting into… or so I thought…

Besides what I was already expecting, nothing prepared me for the responsibilities as an Owner trying to pay the bills. It was at this point I realized I needed to take my new systems and processes to a whole new level.

After rebuilding my business foundation by putting an improved system in place, I realized how much time I actually had to run my coffee business while still having ample time to work on my passion projects. Through this new business transformation, I realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Turns out that coffee is a hobby instead of a career.

Now, with everything running smoothly and insomnia a thing of the past, . I want to help you achieve the same results. Organizing office spaces is very relaxing to me. I love to see chaos turned into something manageable and inspiring. This was the inspiration I needed to finally turn this passion project, Transpire Life, into a business.

I’ll admit it wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight. But having direction,  a routine and practical goals (with persistence and hard work) I’ve managed to accomplish more than most people before turning thirty.


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