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The Simplified Office is your Resource for Home Office & Homeschool spaces:

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  • Organization
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Meet Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer, your Virtual Organizer for Home office & Homeschool spaces

Through my unique background and skill set in Business, Interior Decorating, and Pro Organizing, I empower work from home business owners, Corporate desk workers, and homeschool parents create order, inspiration, and function in their home office space.

How Organizing Saved Me

Something I hear all the time is, “you’re so organized!” Here’s the thing…I didn’t used to be that way…

Most of my life I struggled with depression, procrastination, and on the verge of hoarding. Some days, I thought my mental and chronic illness would get the best of me. I’m NOT naturally organized.

Then, I had to step up my organizing game in 2011 when I got my first coffee drive-thru (after being a barista most my life). Not only did I have to utilize the tiny space I had for inventory, but I also had to get super organized so i could focus on operations, admin, marketing, and training employees.

During this time, I was in an abuse relationship and originally started this website to document my entrepreneurial journey, to distract be from the chaos around me.

There was a fire within me that knew I was meant for something more. I was fed up. Tired of being a victim. I knew if I didn’t change and take action, nothing would ever change. I was terrified, lost, wasn’t sure of what the future would hold, but it was time for my new journey. 

While he wasn’t home, I’d declutter and slowly began packing. I ended up decluttering about 80% of my stuff gaining enough courage to leave that relationship to start my life over. This was my sense of control when I couldn’t control the rest of my situation.

When he was home, I’d escape temporarily to my neighbors houses and help them declutter and organize their home offices. They encouraged me to pursue this once I left. So I did.

I’ve been obsessed with office and homeschooling organization ever since.

What I learned from this adventure…

No matter what chaos is going on around you, an organized space gives you back some control in your chaotic world. From there, it’s easier to handle the situation better. 
Fun facts: An INFJ  “adventurous homebody”, based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina. I’m also a coffee connoisseur, gamer, Steampunk cosplayer, traveler, personal safety advocate and domestic violence awareness advocate. I have an amazing boyfriend and a free roam pet rabbit, Luna, who loves to sleep at my feet when at my desk.

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