It comes in many forms, not just physical clutter. Some forms of clutter you may not have realized.

Here are 6 Types of Office Clutter that’s Preventing Your Productivity:

1) Trash & Recycle

This is the easiest to get rid of.

Are there candy wrappers, bottles, pens, dry erase markers or highlighters that don’t work anymore?

Can you shred old statements, bills, or credit card papers you no longer need, but take up space?

Are there boxes, papers, and magazines you no longer need?

Get rid of it.

2) Can’t Resist a Deal & Abundance Clutter

This one I’m sure we’ve all done.

You go into Office Depot for “only one item,” but walk out with five cute notebooks, more sticky notes, and those cool desk accessories, all because it was on sale. Can we say “back to school sale”? This us “stuff” clutter.

3) Doesn’t have a home

There’s a saying that been attributed to Samuel Smiles, Isabella Beeton & Benjamin Franklin: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Sounds simple, right? Not always.

Some of your clutter isn’t really clutter. It’s “stuff” without a home- mail you have yet to open, books you haven’t put on your bookshelf (because your bookshelf is too full), office supplies laying around, etc.


4) Aspirational Clutter

These are items you may buy to make your Instagram look more interesting, or tech gear you don’t need yet, but don’t actually use on a regular basis otherwise.

Are you being authentic, sharing who you really are, or who you think you want to be to others?

5) Sentimental Clutter

Ah, items that are so near and dear to your heart that take up space, but you can’t seem to get rid of, or MUST have in your space when you work – Kids drawings and cards, gifts from clients and fans, etc.

These take up a lot of space. But it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them necessarily. There are other ways to store keepsakes (but that’s for another day).

6) Emotional Clutter

Being an Entrepreneur is hard enough. Don’t make it worse by being around negative people.

Do you have “friends” or family who are always negative and pulling you down? It may be time to cut some of those ties. You don’t have the time or energy for external negativity in their life.

We grow by surrounding ourselves with people (like those in this group) to build each other up, learn from, and support each other.


As you look around your office space, which of the 6 Types of Home Office Clutter to you see? How does it make you feel? Now, what will you DO about it?


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