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Spring cleaning season is here!

As you spring clean your home, garage, and life, don’t forget your very important workspace, whether it’s a room with a door, the kitchen table, a desk in your room, etc.


Here are 5 reasons to Declutter your home office space:


1) Decreases Your Productivity

Stephanie Winston, author of The Organized Executive, estimates a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr – or $8,125/yr at $65,000).

The National Association of Professional Organizers reports we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items.

2) Get rid of late fees

Harris Interactive reports 23% of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.

Unless you have auto-pay set up for every bill you pay, accruing late fees add up. That’s money you could have reinvested in yourself and your business.

3) Less Cleaning

Hate cleaning? Then you’re going to love this!

According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home.

Making a point to tidy your office space at the end of each day makes it easier to get started the next morning because you’re not sitting down to a mess.


4) Makes You Sick

When was the last time you sanitized your desk? Germs and dead skin rub off onto your desk as your work, crumbs are left over from snacks and attract bugs.

Dust collects on unused items, shelves, cabinets, and lights. The dust can trigger your allergies or asthma.

5) Emotional Anxiety

Physical clutter takes up emotional anxiety, so when you get rid of things, it also gives you emotional head-space to focus and more confidence.

In 2015, I started my simplifying journey. I was in an abusive relationship and trying to leave. All the clutter I had accumulated over my life made it difficult to focus, be productive, and move out easily. Luckily, he demanded I purge my stuff, so while I was purging, I was also packing.

Once I purged 80% of my stuff, it was like a huge weight was taken off me. This allowed me the emotional space I needed for the confidence from tackling such a huge task, to finally leave. Decluttering my stuff, not just my office, gave me some control in my life when that situation was chaotic.

This is a drastic example, but you get my point. Clutter = anxiety and can really affect you emotionally each day.

Create new space -emotional and physical – for all the amazing opportunities to come in your life and business. Don’t you want to surround yourself with only what you need and what brings you joy and positive memories? 


Look around your office space. How does your space make you feel? How do you WANT to feel in your office? Is it time to declutter?


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