Goal setting.

It’s not always an easy thing when you don’t’ have any idea what to focus on, or you have too many ideas and need to narrow them down.

First. take a moment to stop and back up a couple of steps before you get into goal setting.

3 Things I do before setting my goals is to:

  1. Work on my Mindset
  2. Journal
  3. Check my energy levels

This is a free video series for Coaches, Virtual Assistant’s, and Thought Leaders, where I interview 3 guest experts.

By the end of this video interview series, you’ll know how to utilize Mindset, Journaling and your Energy Levels for better Goal Setting in your online Business.

You’ll learn:

Why Mindset is important for better Goal Setting, with Success + Mindset Business Coach, Kim Argetsinger.

How Journaling can help with better Goal Setting, with Online Mindset + Success Strategist, Kelly Garsia.

The importance of noticing your energy levels for better Goal Setting, (especially with chronic illness), with Wellness Coach, Holly Wade.

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