3 Tips to Plan ahead for the Holidays as a Solo Business Owner

3 Reasons to Plan Ahead Your Holidays as a Solo Business Owner

It’s finally October!

Are you feeling anxious knowing the holidays are around the corner?

You know how hectic the holidays can be.

Between holiday shopping, festivities, and cooking on top of your already hectic life, it’s no wonder it’s easy to get frustrated, anxious, and short-tempered.

What happened to spend more time with family, being joyful, and being merry? Have you ever planned ahead your holidays? Any Reasons to Plan Ahead the Holidays?

You may be thinking, “But Jennifer, I’m not ready yet. Let me enjoy Halloween first!”

A part of me is feeling the same way, but I also know that planning ahead is important too.

I used to get anxious too until I started simplifying by planning for the holidays in October.

You know how important it is to plan ahead in your business, so why not get ahead of the holidays this year?

1 Minimize Stress

I don’t know about you, but the second word that comes to mind, after family, is stress.

Some people thrive under stress, but if you’re reading this, then you’re like me and can’t deal with that much pressure. Unfortunately, I still see Solo Business Owners creating more stress than needed.

The more you do now when there is less going on, it will make it easier to chill and feel guilt-free with your family later.


2 Easier to Prioritize

With so many holiday activities going on, it’ll make your head spin trying to work them all in.

Instead, now is the time to figure out which activities matter most to you and your family. Who do you want to visit? Would you rather stay at home or do something else instead of going? Especially if there has been a major life event.

For example, this is my first holiday season without my grandmother. It’s been hard on everyone so instead of Friendsgiving, I’m spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family this year. Usually, I do one or the other. We already know who is hosting and what we’ll bring. Once we have all our work schedules figured out, we can then figure out the dates to get together. Everything else will be planned around this.


3 Get Mentally Prepared

When you have meal planning, baking, cooking, shopping, dealing with family, and working on your business, it’s best to get mentally prepared.

This means letting go of what you can’t control and plan what you can control.

Holiday planning gives you the empowerment needed to keep your cool when others don’t.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ― Alan Lakein, author



Don’t let another hectic holiday season go by!
Instead, get ahead, show up on time, and enjoy guilt-free time with your family. Plus some self-care
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