It’s been a very interesting year so far.

Have you needed to pivot your business or have more family members home than usual?

Do you work from home and feel like throwing your 2020 planner out the window at this point?

Before you give up on the planner, read on…

Here are 3 Reasons why it’s important to have a schedule and routine during the pandemic.

1) Structure

No matter how much of a free spirit you are or how much you love the idea of doing what you want when you want, there is no denying that structure is needed.

Structure helps us have some control and gives us some sense of “normalcy.”  It helps create familiarity and comfort with what we need to do each day. Structure is also a type of flow, once adapted to the temporary new schedule.

When I say structure, I don’t mean scheduling every moment of the day. Instead, block out time to meet everyone’s needs. Including extra self care.

This also helps you create good habits, like everyone working on school and work projects at the same time, and break bad habits like going to the fridge every five minutes. This structure will then make it easier to put boundaries in place.


2) Boundaries

With more people at home, life is probably more hectic under one roof and can be overwhelming.

Putting boundaries in place gives each family member some space so everyone isn’t at each others throats.

As a bonus, when children learn boundaries early, they can integrate themselves more easily into the various situations they encounter as they grow and mature.


3) Transition & Adapt

As we are all well aware y now, especially as a business owner, is that change is unavoidable and being able to make quick, smart decisions with a clear head is important.

Your schedule and routine will also help you transition and adapt to the current situation, and again when this is over. Than whatever is next.

Whether it’s to transition to a business opportunity, pivoting your business, a job loss, or health concerns, adapting to each new situation is crucial to make the most out of any given experience thrown at you.

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