Here is the 2019 review, both good and bad, ups and downs.

In this 2019 review, you’ll see the evolution of this year.

Up until this year, I’ve not been a “word of the year” person. I don’t (or didn’t) like that kind of commitment and didn’t see the point.

Instead, as the year went on, I realized one word that kept coming up. Growth.

This was truly a year of personal growth as you’ll see in my monthly highlights (good and bad) in my personal and business life below.

I had already started therapy September of 2018 for my PTSD, after ten years of physical and emotional domestic violence. My therapist was wonderful and I wanted fast progress so I went weekly with things to discuss each week. All year long I worked on refining my business and did a lot of market research.

The Simplified Office Year in Review 2019 |

Word of the Year 2019 Review

It’s hard to believe that the 2019 year is already ending. Funny how the years seem to go by faster as you get older.

It’s bittersweet as it has been a tough and wonderful year. I’m ready to take all I’ve learned this year and execute on them. It’s time to finally keep the past in the past and embrace this new woman I’ve become.

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat and pretend this year was all rainbows. Yes,

While writing this, I’m flipping through my planner and Google Calendar to pick out the most memorable experiences that have made me who I am today.



I was in therapy for domestic violence PTSD. Even though I was four years out, I had not dealt with everything until then. My amazing Therapist was the perfect person to help.


Guest Expert

I had the opportunity to be a guest expert in three different Facebook groups and on a couple of podcasts. This was a blast sharing tips and really connecting with others in the groups on my topics. This is something I will continue in 2020.

Raise Your Frequency Podcast


Start-up Incubator

After making some connection through my college advisers, I was accepted in the Startup Incubator at my local private University. This was a semester-long program with three other students/new business owners. Together, we had a panel of local professionals in their industry as mentors.

This program made me realize my passion (The Simplified Office) versus my “it would be nice if this happened, so I may as well do it” (Co-working space). After doing the numbers and market research and the pressure of local big wigs, made me realize that owning and operating a co-working space was not in the cards for me. I was ok with this.

At the end of the program, we did an investor pitch to our mentors. I pitched my refined version of The Simplified Office and won $800 in funding!


Niece turns 1

My niece turned one year old and I had a new respect for parents. My sister had also finally become close after years of resentment and miscommunication.



First experience of grief

Two weeks before our birthday, my grandmother passed away.

Her birthday was the day before mine and we would get together as much as possible to spend it together. This was the first time I’ve never dealt with the grief of someone close to me.


Dementia is not what you think

Worked with a client that had Dementia and see this disease in a whole new light. I don’t wish it on anyone and greatly admire those of you caring for family members with this disease. I experienced first hand the quick decline from stage four to stage seven.


Know my limits

Keeping the Dementia client helped me test my chronic illness limits and increase my self-care without feeling guilty. Especially as a caregiver.


Career Change

I started a part-time job as a home care aid. I needed a change in my life. This job helped with the grieving of my grandmother and allowed me to rest as needed for my chronic illness.



Loss of my fur baby

My dog’s health declined rapidly that month. He was my first and only dog, so far. He would have turned 18 years old in July. I’ve had him since he was one. That’s half my life! We had been through so much together and on many adventures. This was one of my of the hardest months of my life.


Buniful Feeling

After searching for another dog, I realized I’m not ready for another one anytime soon. So, I researched other types of pets and decided to get my first rabbit, Luna. She was four months old when I picked her up from the local humane society. She won’t replace Charlie, but she has filled that love of a pet void and helps me with my stress.



Joy among grief

I thought Thanksgiving would have been really hard without Nana. Instead, I felt surprisingly at peace. Like I knew her spirit was there with us.


Clarity of services

After a lot of business refining this year, it was clear on what services to offer for now and increased my pricing on once service since I’ve gone through it with more clients and have made the service even better. I know my services can evolve as I work with more clients, but for now, I know exactly what to focus on.


Outline next course

Since one specific service has been so successful, I started planning and outlining the content of my service to become a course!


Planner Ideas

I have wanted to create a paper planner ever before they were a trend. Once they became a trend the past couple of years, it felt weird to jump on that bandwagon so I could see what is out there and hear reviews of them all. Well, turns out a lot of people still have a hard time finding a planner that works best for them. It’s time to stop resisting and finally create my own planner(s) in 2020! Stay updated on my email list and grab your Free resources to gain back 7+ hours /week.



Easy Goal Setting

Since I’m ending the year being so clear on my ideal clients, services, pricing, and the direction it’s been really easy to set goals for each quarter in 2020. Now that I have registered for my classes, once I start and get my syllabus, I can put everything on my paper planner and Google calendar. I may do a “plan with me” type of video.


New Traditions

Christmas was a little harder with my Nana not here this year. It didn’t help that the family closed on selling her house. It feels so final and I have no reason to go back to the town she lived in. However, the new grandkids are just old enough to get excited about the holiday decorations and presents. This year, we started new traditions.


What I learned this year (2019 Review)

  1. Understanding, self-awareness, and learning as you do create clarity and confidence.
  2. Patience had made me calmer, less stressed, and go at my own pace.
  3. You can start creating the lifestyle you want now, on a small scale, by being resourceful.
  4. Grief is not what I thought it would be. It comes and goes in waves when you least expect it.
  5. It’s ok to be happy when others around you are sad.
  6. Do “it” (whatever it is) for yourself and no one else.
  7. An amazing group of supportive people do want to see you succeed.
  8. You can be brave and scared at the same time.
  9. Feel the feels, then quickly move into solution mode.
  10. Everything is Figureoutable” ~ Marie Forleo
  11. I embraced cooking and turns out, I’m pretty good at it.

How have you grown as a person and as a business this year? Share in the comments below your 2019 Review.


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