The Simplified 2017 Lessons Learned& Announcements for 2018


First, I want to thank you for being part of this journey together this year! I wouldn’t be here without you  You’re the reason I do what I do and wake up each morning with enthusiasm.

Brand Updates

With the clarity I’ve discovered this year, also comes some new, minor updates to my brand for next year and I wanted to make sure you were in the loop first.

I’ll be adding a couple additional accent colors to my brand – green and blue – that compliment my current peach and purple.

As much as I adore the phrase, over the course of the year, it became apparent that “transpire life” doesn’t make enough sense to my brand and what I want it to evolve into. So starting early January, I’ll be updating to a new domain name “”

Website Updates

It was also clear that my website was too confusing. Between my VA services, Time Management/Productivity, Evernote, and Office Organizing topics, it was too much. To simplify this and make it clearer, I’ll reorganize my navigation and rephrase some of my messaging.

I’ve been super focused getting the website updated, so bear with me as I continue updating the links with my blog posts too. I’ve also gone ahead and updated the links to my Facebook Page, Pinterest and Instagram.


Let’s Collaborate

2018 will be the year of collaborations and courses. I want to expand on all the amazing relationships I’ve built this year and offer you DIY and high-touch courses to help you create order and flow in your office and business that relieves stress, overwhelm, and find more time to do more of what you love.

With the new domain names, a new logo may be in the works, but I haven’t decided yet. Otherwise, the rest of my branding will stay the same.


Let’s Get Social

Look for me more on my facebook community, blog, Pinterest, and Instagram. Keep an eye out as I slowly begin updating my graphics and messaging across social media to better suit my ideal clients: overwhelmed service-based business owners who work from home, and ready to take action to create order and flow in their office and business.

New Hobbies

Right now, 99% of my hobbies are computer-based. We all need to get away from the computer ever so often though. It’s time for new hobbies. A couple things I’ve always wanted to learn was to play the bass guitar and sew. Looking forward to finally learn these!


12 Things I Learned this Year:

1) Connections and building relationships has opened up new opportunities, friends, and clients.

2) The Universe will have very subtle nudges. You just have to look for them and listen.

3) Apparently you can have two quarter life crisis haha.

4) No matter how hard you fall, the only way is up.

5) Schedule priorities and flexibility in your schedule first.

6) My business must evolve as I evolve, including values and priorities for boundaries.

7) I am multi-passionate and it’s time to embrace it.

8) Clarity. Things happen fast and easy when you know what you want. You just don’t have to know HOW to get there.

9) Journaling. I’ve always used writing an an outlet for creativity. Although I understand the important of meditation, it’s not for me. Instead, I found out that journaling is my go-to for brain dumping and writing out affirmations.

10) Stop trying so hard. I had this notion that the harder I try, the faster things will move along. It took a few months, but I learned that it’s quite the opposite.

11) I’m finally managing my chronic illness, life-long depression, and PTSD from abusive relationships.

12) I will share more about my other passion (in general, not here) – personal safety and violence prevention to Empower, Educate, and Equip others with the tools to stay safe, because you are worth it.


Let me know what you think of these updates in the comments! Are you making any updates to your business? Share below.