2014 Roundup_update

This year is summed up in one word: Evolve.

It consisted of self-reflection and evaluation of my life and business. I’ve grown as a parson and learned (finally admitted to myself) that there are things that I need to change for the better and have a better mindset.

The Business Agenda

I’m multi-passionate but have become really focused on what direction to go.

Besides serving amazing coffee, meeting wonderful customers or writing a coffee blog, coffee has, and always will be a hobby to me despite being in the industry over 12 years.

Owning a coffee place isn’t all that glamorous and once all the expenses kick in, it’s just not worth it for me to continue. The coffee industry is the only industry I would prefer to work for someone else. I also highly deter anyone else thinking about their own coffee place, with a few exceptions.

It’s the year I figure out how to juggle it all.

I was already somewhat organized but needed to take it to an entire new level. So, I created a binder for theĀ  coffee shop and a home management binder. They changed my life! Not only did I have a dedicated binder to each “project,” but I also gave my planner an overhaul.

From there, I realized more than ever how much all my skills were not being utilized. The binders and planner helped keep me on course with my goals and freed up all the time I spent procrastinating. I also saw when I was most productive and when to schedule meetings, marketing and admin tasks during the times I didn’t want to think so much.

This is why I’m more excited about turning my side passion project- this site – into a part-time business. Once I’m done with the shop, I’ll be a Goal Setting Coach, blog editor and Office Organizer full-time!

Narrowing down my niche for this site as a business hasn’t been easy. I had a somewhat niche in the planning and office organizing areas. After networking with a wider variety of Entrepreneurs, it was very clear there is a high demand for Goal Setting Coaching and I knew exactly who I wanted as my clients.

You may notice this site evolve as I’m still figuring out how to implement mountains into my branding. Mountains are part of me and a metaphor of my life and success.

There is one other thing. A passion I’ve always had but never pursued, until last month. It was one of those ‘BAM, here I am! Do it now!’ type things. Women safety awareness has always been a passion and I wanted to help save life’s, except I wasn’t sure how. At the end of November, I was doing some research and came across a direct sales company dedicated to equipping and empowering women to stay safe with personal protection tools and educating them about being aware of their surroundings. As this hit too close to home, I am now part of this wonderful company and mission. You can learn more here.

My Life in Review & Updates

This has also been the year I made life changing decisions for myself.

I won’t go into it, but I had to decide if the relationship I’m in was worth staying. We have been together over seven years, been through a lot, heartache, bought the coffee business, a house and pets together. We also needed to have the kid talk again. It was crucial to know if we were in the same page or if we needed to part ways.

Luckily, we are on the same page. It’s not what we thought it would be so we are adjusting. I can say it’s brought us closer than before and house renovations are underway!

Speaking of renovations… we started with the hallway and kitchen putting in hardwood floors and painting the entry. At this time, I have dedicated a spare room as my home office and slowly fixing it up. He has been working on turning the garage into the “man cave” by insulating it and installing an A/C unit. (Photos to come)

I’m also beginning to renew myself.

Admitting the reality that I had let myself go and had been denying how much I didn’t care about how I looked. I never really wore makeup or had any style. I’m not near as active anymore and let’s face it, my metabolism is shot. Remembering how good I feel on the days I do take the time to put an outfit together or get a hair cut, or even put on a little lipstick. Why wouldn’t I want to feel as amazing outside as I do inside? So I purged all my old makeup and had to start over. I went out and got new makeup that actually matched and taking the time to apply properly.

As far as the dieting resolution, forget it. Instead, I plan to read food labels closely to make better meal decisions, actually plan meals and learn to enjoy cooking. I’ve discovered Zumba and can’t wait to start classes asap. Yoga will surely make its way into my new schedule as well.

This year has been an emotional roller coaster. For the first time in my life, I feel I’m exactly where I belong and need to be. Life still has its challenges but I can genuinely say this is the happiest I’ve ever been and it can only get better.

Here’s to an amazing 2015!


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