As most people begin to make the same ‘ol New Year resolutions that never seem to stick after the first couple months, I’ve decided to shy away from this for a different outlook to begin 2012.

Changes are scary. But sometimes we need  a “kick in the arse” of “tell me like it is” to finally realize how things really are and how other perceive us.

During these past two months, I’ve been hit with more than enough reality checks to completely rethink my life.

As of the new year, this blog will document my new journey of life.

There are a bunch of things I’ll be working on during the next year, but here is a summery of the main things I’ll focus on:

1) More positive mindset
2) More organized
3) Be more involved within my community
4) Visit my Family more
5) Write more and consistently
6) Have 2-3 main clients for Freelancing
7) Inspire everyone I come in contact with

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