1 simple way to create workflows and processes in your business

You know the importance of putting workflows and processes into place, but it feels overwhelming or you’re not sure where to start.

Don’t worry. You can take action doing this 1 simple way to start creating workflows and processes in your Business, today!

Document as you Go

Yup, that’s it. Simple, right?

Everything I learn and set up for my business and life, I document the first time I learn or do it into a detailed, step by step list.

I don’t know about you, but it gets frustrating for me when it’s time to do the same task again, and trying to remember how to repeat every step .

The first time you do something – get a client, write a blog post, post on social media – write down EVERY step as you do it, from beginning to end.

4 Ways Documenting your Process the 1st time helps you work simply

✔️Save time by following your personalized, repeatable process

✔️Update as needed as your business workflows evolve

✔️You don’t have to remember the steps, so you’ll have more head space to focus and be creative.

✔️Business Operations are ready to go when you need to outsource later

For example, I recently learned how to start a YouTube live. First, I found a video to watch. I watched this video all the way through to grasp what is going on ( me and multi-tasking don’t mix). Next, I re-watched the video, except this time, I paused the video after each step to write the step down and took action on it.

This is what my YouTube Live process would look like as a checklist:

Before Going Live

Ask myself these questions:
  • What’s the goal of the stream?
  • WHO will it be for?
  • What will they learn from it?
  • WHAT steps can they immediately implement after?
  • WHAT freebies will I offer?
  • WHAT type of freebie?
  • WHEN will I go live?
2 weeks Before going live/webinar

  • Create landing page ( follow “landing page” workflow)
  • Write landing page copy
  • Create landing page graphics
Setting Up a Live Event

  1. Go to My Channel
  2. GO to “Live Stream” in the left sidebar
  3. Click on “Events” NOT steam live
  4. Click “New Live Event”
  5. Under “Basic” tab, add information for live stream:
  • Title
  • Date & Time
  • Description with links
  • Keyword tags
  • Change Privacy to “Unlisted” or “Public” depending on Goal of the stream
  • Click “Quick” for Google Hangouts on Air

Under “advanced” tab:

  • Enable live chat
  • Uncheck “allow embed”


And so on…

Take Action!

  1. Is there a process you already use on a regular basis? Document each step you take to easily go step by step.
  2. Document every step the next time you learn something new, that’s a repeatable task.


Do you document as you go? Share your process in the comments!

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