We all have the same hours in the day. Where does your time go?

You can always make more money, but you’ll never get your time back.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done for your business, life, family, and your clients as a service-based Solopreneur or Small Business Owner?

I can help you find 60 extra minutes a day! That’s 7 hours a week! What will you do with your extra time? 

“Jennifer helped me gain clarity on creating systems that streamline my processes from intake to follow up with clients. She’s supportive and asks the questions you need to help you get to the answers you need. As a result, my productivity increased because I’m not re-doing things or doing the same thing in multiple places. I’ve gained more open space on my calendar so I can serve more clients.” ~ Holly Wade, Holly Wade Wellness

Have you noticed that in a job, all in all, things tend to run pretty smoothly?

There are systems, processes, and policies in place to make sure that happens.

While working at your job, somewhere down the road you decided to create a business.

As you dove in and learned about the business world, you frantically figure things out as you go. Everything from setting up a website and sifting through business tools, to getting clients or customers.

That created chaos, stress, and overwhelm, but you know your ideal clients.

Your business is supposed to be fun, right? You’re doing all the things, but nothing seems to get accomplished and tasks or papers fall through the cracks.

What’s missing to fully grasp all the aspects of managing your business on your own?

Well, remember how smoothly a job tends to be? THAT’s what you’re missing.

Structure and getting organized.

Imagine having an office space that is inspiring yet functional.

You gain back 7+ hours each week of focused income-generating tasks and get more done in less time. You can find what you need when you need it because everything is in its place. 

You have flexibility in your schedule to adapt to life’s situations, and you enjoy your self-care, time with family, and hobbies. 

Your’e distressed from information overload and ready to implement what’s you’ve learned so far.  

This allows you more physical office space, and mental space to handle your current lifestyle.

I can help you find 60 extra minutes a day without even digging! That’s 7 hours a week! What will you do with your extra t

Hi! I’m Jennifer Vaaler, your Time Management Coach & Strategist.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always good with my time or organized, and am a recovering procrastinator. 

It wasn’t until 2011 that I finally learned how to manage my time with flexibility and create an office space that’s inspiring and functional for maximum efficiency. 

I had to learn to put systems and processes in place to create the structure I was used to at a “regular job” to prevent overwhelm as a one-woman show. Once in place, I gained more customers, had a schedule that worked for me, and utilized my small work space.

Since then, I’ve helped clients get their schedule, desk, papers, systems, and office space in order.

Creating organization and increasing productivity in your business and office can be easier than you think! It doesn’t have to include a rigid schedule that suffocates your creativity.  

Together, we’ll do it one step at a time, by showing you where and HOW to get started and what to focus on, so you are calm, have more focus, to grow your business.