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Need a Blog or WordPress Virtual Assistant?
Writing comes easier for you than most. You enjoy writing when you get in the groove, but you still have moments of writer’s block – whether you’re uninspired or no idea what to write. The thought of editing, proofreading, and formatting your blog post, fills you full of dread, makes you overwhelmed, and frustrated. Sometimes writing feels forced because of this, then you don’t feel like writing.


Do you miss enjoying writing process of your words flowing to screen or paper?


When you ARE inspired and get in the flow of writing, words come easily. You don’t want to lose that momentum. You’re excited, and that passion shines through in your writing. It’s authentic, and everyone can feel it as they read your blog post, sales materials or marketing materials.
Ideally, you want to write your own, or for others, blog posts and web copy without worrying about the next steps.


What if you could simply write without dealing with editing, proofreading, formatting your blog post, marketing or sales materials, or worry about the back-end of your WordPress website?


That’s where I come in.

“Jennifer is such a pleasure to work with. She is prompt, organized and very efficient. Communicating with her during my projects is such a breeze and she is so easy to talk to. Her ambition, knowledge and drive are wonderful traits that are hard to find in a VA. I hired her to take some stress off my shoulders and I am loving the reduced stress in my life/business. If you are considering hiring someone to help you in your business so you can get back to what you enjoy, then you should definitely speak with Jennifer!” ~ Emily Swanda of EMprovedLife.com


Together, you’ll be less stressed, more inspired, and knock out writing more content.
Ready to write more today?

WordPress Blog Basics – $299/month

Does formatting your blog posts to look pretty after you’ve written it, make you overwhelmed? 

My WP Blog Basics is a monthly service perfect if you love writing and want to stay in your writing flow, without worrying about the rest of the details to get your content published.

  • Edit & Proofread 4 Blog posts with up to 1,500 words each
  • Blog Formatting:  add graphics, links, headings, bullet points, CTA, etc
  • Embed Videos
  • Embed Podcasts
  • Add SEO (via Yoast SEO plugin)
  • Create blog post graphics (you provide the photos, brand colors, and fonts, then I’ll do the rest)

**Requires a three month minimum commitment, paid at the beginning of each month, or in full.

** I don’t issue refunds nor carry over unused hours**

Policies & Procedures

WordPress Site Editing Overhaul – $499 

Whether you’re ready for your first website, need to update to your current website, or re-branding, it’s a good idea to have an outside set of eyes look your content over to make sure it makes sense and sounds professional.

Does formatting your blog posts to look pretty after you’ve written it, make you overwhelmed?

I’ve got you covered. You focus on writing and marketing while I’ll handle the technical details of your Blog and WordPress website.

  • Blog Post Editing & Proofreading (5 blog posts, maximum)
  • Blog Formatting –  add/update graphics, links, headings, bullet points, etc
  • Create blog post graphics (you provide the photos, colors, and fonts)
  • Embed Videos
  • Embed Podcasts
  • Add SEO (via Yoast SEO plugin)
  • Edit & Proofread all Web Page copy


Business copy editing Services (starting at $299)

As a Business Owner, Blogger, or Copywriter, you know there is a lot of different content that needs written for your business, or for clients.

You enjoy writing, but dread the editing and formatting process.

Maybe you don’t write as often as you want because editing can take you much longer to finally finish that post, landing page, newsletter, etc.

When you are writing, you’re inspired and in the flow. Words come easily so batch writing is ideal, but once you’re done writing a draft,  you prefer to move on to another article, piece of content,  or different task that you enjoy more.

Enjoy writing when you are inspired and excited about. THAT’s when you do your best writing. I want you to take advantage of this without stressing on what’s next.

Don’t worry about the editing & proofreading.

“I am very picky who I work with and Jennifer did a really great job with my Facebook group content. I highly recommend her for your Editing needs”. ~ Lacy Hodges, Online Business Social Media Strategist.


Types of documents I review

  • Guest Blog posts
  • Course Content
  • Email Automation
  • Email courses
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Newsletter Opt-in’s
  • Product descriptions
  • Service Copy
  • Social Media Content
  • Webinar copy
  • Web Page copy

Need custom editing project? Contact me with your needs and goals for the project and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Meet Your VA

Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler. Your WordPress Virtual Assistant to find your writing flow.


I give clients the space they need to stay in that flow of writing by taking care of WordPress editing, proofreading and formatting their blog posts and business copy, so they can create inspiring, valuable content to wow their ideal clients.


A native native English speaker in the U.S., I studied English in college, focusing on Creative Writing, Journalism, Grant writing, and Speech writing. I am certified in Copywriting, with a background in Business, Blogging, and Marketing.