1:1 Time Management Coaching & Consulting

Have you noticed that in a job, all in all, things tend to run pretty smoothly?

They are organized and know what to focus on to make sure the business is efficient. 

At one point you decided to start and build a business as female Solopreneur Coach, Virtual Assistant, or Blogger. There is no structure so you have to create it. 

As you dove in and learned about this online business world, you’re frantically figuring things out as you go. Everything from setting up a website and sifting through business tools to getting clients.

That only created chaos, stress, and overwhelm.

Owning your own business is supposed to be fun, right? Why is everything out of control and you’re not getting as much done as you like?

Sure, you feel busy, but is anything getting accomplished, or falling through the cracks as you jump from one project, freebie, or course, to another.

What’s missing to fully grasp all the aspects of owning your business on your own?

Well, remember how smoothly a job tends to be? THAT’s what you’re missing. 

Structure of an ideal flexible schedule, getting organized, and creating a work space that’s inspiring and functional.

The earlier you do this in your business the easier it’ll be as a Solo business Owner.

Your days are simply not as productive as you’d like and it’s costing you hundreds of dollars each week in lost revenue. You need more organization, planning, a schedule that works for you and isn’t rigid, working together to bring in clients consistently.

Are you missing the foundations of an organized business?

Imagine having a dedicated desk or office space that is inspiring AND functional. You gain back 7+ hours each week of focused tasks and get more done in less time. You can find what you need when you need because everything is in its place. You have flexibility in your schedule for when life happens, and you enjoy your self-care and time with family and hobbies.

I wasn’t always good at time management, not naturally organized, and am a recovering procrastinator. It wasn’t until 2011 that I finally learned how to manage my time with flexibility and create an office space that’s inspiring and functional for maximum efficiency. I had to learn to put systems and processes in place to create the structure I was used to at a “regular job” to prevent overwhelm as a Solopreneur.

Since then, I’ve helped clients get their schedule, desk, and office space in order.

If you’re like me, we’re not naturally organized and tend to procrastinate. I learned how. Together, you can too, one step at a time.

Creating organization and increasing productivity in your business and office can be easier than you think! It doesn’t have to include a rigid schedule that suffocates your creativity.  I am here to help you, one step at a time.

Think of me as your calendar, productivity, and home office organizing guide, to help support you and add to the bottom line of your business. I help you focus on strategic planning and goal-setting, with accountability and custom action steps to support those goals.

In these programs, we’ll focus on your biggest time management and organizing struggles through income-generating tasks with tools, personalized strategies, guidance, and accountability. I’ll show where and HOW to get started and what to focus on, so you prevent overwhelm, have more focus, and can easily find everything as needed. This creates more physical office space and emotional space for yourself, your clients, and family. 

What clients say...

When my work space is uncluttered I think much better and get so much more done. ~ Stephanie Treasure, Mentor
I would highly recommend Jennifer! I have truly enjoyed working with her and thankful for all of her organizational help! ~ Traci Huffman, Photographer
"In my intensive with Jennifer, I felt like we accomplished a LOT in a little time. While this was all something I've done in the past, I came to a point in my life where I needed the accountability to create some structure back into my life in order to be effective toward making my vision a reality. Though it's structured, I also know how to adjust so there is flexibility. The main thing is that weekly, I'll be working on the important things rather than those unimportant things that just fill time." ~Holly Wade, Holly Wade Wellness

Get Started

Home Office Consult $75

Does your home office space make your anxious and hard to focus?

Not sure how to organize your office?

During our session, I’ll analyze your current physical office space via video or photos, then make actionable recommendations on how to add order in your office space and business.

What do you need NOW?

Custom Schedule for YOUR Success Intensive

This 90 minute done-FOR-you intensive is for you if your want a flexible schedule that works for you instead of against you and aligns with your priorities and goals.

It's simple. You talk, I type, then take what we discussed and organized it into a a schedule you can start implementing right away.

After working together, you'll have an ideal schedule for your current lifestyle.

BONUS: 2 week accountability call to make sure you're on track and tweak your schedule if needed.


(Ask about my 2 payment plan of $162.50/month)

Clutter to Calm: Office Decluttering & Organizing Virtual Coaching

During this 6 week 1:1 Virtual Coaching and Consulting program, I'll guide you through the process of decluttering and organizing your office space, one step at a time.

After working together, everything will be in its place and you'll have an inspiring AND functional space that works for you! This gives you more mental space to focus easier.

BONUS 1: Consulting included

BONUS 2: Access to my DIY Decluttering course .


Pay in full and you’ll be featured in my Facebook group and on my email list!

(Ask about my 4 month payment plan of $187.50/month)

Solopreneur Success Biz Foundations Coaching & Consulting

Ready to dive in and set up the foundation of your business to keep your sanity and grow your business as a Solopreneur?

In this program, we'll cover all things calendar, productivity, goal setting, planning, decluttering, and organizing your office space and business, so you feel confident, focused, and accomplished in less time.

  • Simplify all things digital and physical office
  • Calendar Management
  • Paper Management
  • Inspiring, yet functional

  • $1,100

    Pay in full and you’ll be featured in my Facebook group and on my email list!

    (Ask about my 5 month payment plan of $550/month)

    Meet Jennifer

    Hi! I’m Jennifer, your Time Management Coach &  Strategist with a background in Business, my “coffee shop concept,” Interior Design, and Professional Organizing. Through my unique skill set, I’ll help you create more time and structure in your business and home office space, so you can scale and grow your business, focus more on clients, earn more money, and make a bigger impact with your cause.

    Believe it or not, I wasn’t always organized,and I’m a recovering procrastinator. It wasn’t until 2011 that it took owning two coffee drive-thru’s to figure it out.

    Once I learned to schedule priorities and best organize a tiny space, my business ran smoother, I was more efficient, customer service increased, and the business earned more money.

    I started helping my neighbors in their home offices and businesses and the rest is history! This has been my passion ever since and now I help clients do the same in their office and business.

    Together, we can do it! One step at a time with accountability.

    I also believe in making resources more accessible by offering payment options to make it easier for you to accomplish your goals. I get it, I was like you too. I really wanted to get Coaching, but full price wouldn’t work that month, but a payment plan helped me take that first step. 

    Able to pay in full? Great! Knock it out now and don’t worry about payments later.