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    Finding my Passion

    Day 2 of #FeelGoodBlogging Challenge- Finding my Passion. It’s a pretty long story so I tried to summarize it here. I hope it inspires you to find yours.

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    Hello, a Quick Introduction

    I’ve never done a blogging challenge before so when Alex Beadon announced her #FeelGoodBlogging Challenge, I had to try writing 7 days straight. Today is day 1, (re) Introducing myself.

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    Transpire Life Guidelines

    As we get older, we become wiser and may wish to go back to tell our younger self what we’ve learned.  But, we must remember those past experiences have shaped us into what we are today. Instead of going back,…

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    This New Feeling

    With all the excitement of house buying and a steady career, there is a new strange feeling. I’ve never considered myself particular in keeping my home neat and tidy. It’s always been more “organized clutter” because the space is too small.…

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    Looking for a place to call Home

    Over the course of our relationship, we have searched for a home for over a year, all together. As with any big step in life, searching for a home can be exciting. At least at first.

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    Has Helping Others Become a Trend?

    What do you think of when you hear the the word “philanthropy” or “pay it forward”? I’m a huge fan of making someone’s day better and was brought up to help others in need and to love everyone. It makes…

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    Take Opportunity Risks

    What a year and they only go by faster as we get older. But coffee helps accomplish all that needs doing. And boy was this another big year. The biggest yet, actually.