Looking for a place to call Home

Over the course of our relationship, we have searched for a home for over a year, all together. As with any big step in life, searching for a home can be exciting. At least at first.

After looking at an average of seven homes each weekend over the course of six month blocks, the excitement fizzled and we gave up for a while. Taking it as a sign, we moved into yet another apartment in a new town.

With each new town, we learned more about ourselves, our lifestyle, and ultimately what we want out of life. Including knowing exactly what we need in a home. Now that we both have steady jobs in a small town similar to where we grew up, the thirty minute drive is getting old. We finally found our ideal location and ready to start the process from scratch.


Last week , I randomly looked up some houses online, choosing everything we needed in a home within ten minutes of our business. I found four potential homes and felt like we should check out the opportunities available. So on a spontaneous decision, we called our Realtor friend to see the houses the next day. Our first two picks turned out to be under contract already.

The third one… was perfect. We didn’t bother looking at the fourth home. I just “knew” this was it.

So, we put in an offer the next day, ready to wait a few days to see what happens…we received a call the next morning from our Realtor that they accepted our offer! We were too exhausted to be excited, but I spent my down time filling up my Pinterest board of interior design ideas.

I already have the house decor planned and inspections aren’t until next week. Hopefully, all goes well and we can get this closed by Thanksgiving. We’ll see…


Update! The inspections went great. Just one minor thing to take care of in the Kitchen before we move in. The appraisal went better than we hoped too.

Next, is to move the closing date up and put in our notice to move out of our apartment. The LAST time we plan to move (for a really long time as the house gives us room  to grow) or live in an apartment.

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