Do you have a question about my blog or services? Check these frequently asked questions, I may have already answered it for you.

Why should I Organize my Office? 

  1. Your office will become a place that is simplified, practical and inspires you.
  2. Gain more time and easily locate things when you want them because everything is organized to your workflow and needs.
  3. Become less stressed without clutter and disorganization hanging over you waiting to be tackled.
  4. Have a fresh start with personalized systems and processes in place for you and your business to grow.

How are you different from other Professional Organizers & Coaches? 

  1. I’m an Office Stylist & Business Strategist, focusing on decluttering, organizing and decor that’s practical and inspiring.
  2. Most professional organizers organize an entire homes. I specialize in organizing tiny to medium ( home office spaces.
  3. I also have a background in Architecture, Interior Design, and experience creating small – medium spaces with high efficiency.
  4. Most Organizers help you in person. Due to health issues, I’m unable to physically help you declutter and organize. Instead, I offer virtual organizing where I give you all the tools, guidelines and talk you through the process and you do all the physical work. Because of this, I only recommend this service to those who are self-motivated and ready to start now.
  5. I also have experience in Business, so I understand the importance of workflow in relation to your blog and business.

Who Do You Work With?

I help Service-based Business Owners who are self-motivated with some guidance and accountability, to create order and flow by teaching them strategies in their home office and Business.

Some of my past and current clients are:

  • Business & Marketing Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Web/Graphic Designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Professional Organizers

What can you do for me and my business?

What can you do for me and my home office?

I help you create order and flow in your office systems and process to prevent clutter and overwhelm for an inspiring, organized, practical office space to focus.

Will you come to my home office to help me organize?

Due to health issues, I am not taking in-person office organizing clients at this time. However, I DO offer Strategy Sessions on the office organizing process virtually, as an alternative.

I prefer to DIY my office. What do you offer? 

Perfect! Love that you’re self-motivated. I’m currently in the process of creating my first DIY course. Be sure to join my email list for announcements, tips, and tools.


Will I find my photos on your website or marketing? 

Pictures or testimonials will never be used without your prior permission.

Although we take before, during, and after photos of every client to see the progress,  I always ask your permission to use any photos and any testimonial you may write on my website and in my advertising.

I Work all day. Can we work together in the evening and weekends?

Yes, I am available evenings and Saturdays with limited spaces.

How do we get started?

We’ll discuss you needs and which service is best for you.

What Payments do you take?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, securely through PayPal.


You’re a Safety and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate? Where can I learn more?

On my blog SelfDefenseDivaJen