How To Create Consistency Through Self-Image

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Do you have Consistency from your self-image? For example, when you’re not consistent with posting valuable content, why is that? How do you see yourself that’s preventing you from not consistently staying visible? This is something I recently had an “ah-ha” moment about.


FAQ: How do I Bring You Value?

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FAQ: What is The Simplified Office & How Do I Bring You Value?  Learn more about how you can go from chaos to calm in your home office and Business.   After being in the specialty coffee industry for over a decade and owning two coffee drive-thru’s, I take what I call the “coffee shop […]

Goal Setting Tips

3 Things To Do For Better Goal Setting

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  Goal setting. It’s not always an easy thing when you don’t’ have any idea what to focus on, or you have too many ideas and need to narrow them down. First. take a moment to stop and back up a couple steps before you get into goal setting. 3 Things I do before setting […]